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  1. Keep Berrios as a returner not for the offense. I don't like Berrios being on the field for offense. Tired of seeing stupid reverses and such a waste of a down
  2. This. People are forgetting that their jobs are on the line too and they'll be in the hot seat going into 2023 season if they can't get some wins under their belt This is why I commented a week or so ago that Flacco can save their jobs by proving that this team can win with decent QB play. Flacco is helping our young guys develop with his veteran experience
  3. Joe Flacco plays great when the team is depending on him to get the ball downfield and score in late 4th qtr drives just like he did in those 3 games with the Broncos but their defense choked and let him down in Denver. Our defense did not let down Flacco thank god. Flacco is great QB when you need him in these type of game situations
  4. You got to be a 60 minute man!
  5. Saleh loves Flacco because of his "positive vibes only"
  6. Tomlinson was getting man handled especially in the first series letting the DL push him back into Flacco TWICE. On the nice GW play, Tomlinson got pushed back into Flacco AGAIN and I don't know how Flacco even saw GW on that play.
  7. Joyner's PI, as well as him biting down on Andrew's route leaving Duvernay open over the top with Whitehead trailing behind him for a TD, not sure what our safeties were doing on that Bateman TD. Our defense played their a** off overall but our safeties was our weakest link
  8. Should be 6-10 going into the half. Me @ Zuerlein
  9. He was fine until GVR got him injured. Becton may just be glass for the rest of his career unfortunately
  10. Jets are down 20-24 in the 4th quarter with 1:27 left. Flacco drives downfield from the 25 yard line and scores a TD to Elijah Moore with :20 seconds left. Tucker attempts a 58 yard FG and misses. Jets 27 Ravens 24
  11. In Flacco's defense, Broncos were okay and they should have been 5-3 with Flacco. He also had to learn a new playbook every year since 2012. I think we'll win 2 games out of him maybe 3 with the Broncos vs Raiders: missed FG, Hamilton's dropped TD pass to his chest then settled for FG. Defense struggled and big kickoff return by the Raiders. They didn't lose because of Flacco and should have won vs Bears: 2:48 seconds left Flacco drives the ball down field, he converted a *4th and 10* and *4th and 3* for a 1st down on the drive . Flacco throws a dot at the corner of the end zone for a TD then scored the 2pt conversion to take the lead with :31 seconds left. Denver defense chokes and Bears win by game winning FG vs Packers: defense give up a deep ball TD in the beginning of game. Flacco gets stripped sack at their own 5 yard line then GB scores right after. Noah Fant strip fumble, GB scores TD again makes it 24-10. Flacco INT on miscommunication. Flacco didn't play that bad vs Jaguars: 17-3 lead but Flacco throws a crucial INT that was a bit high just before halftime and Jags make it 17-6. Broncos struggled to stop the Jaguars in the second half. Flacco drives ball down field for a TD with 1:34 left. Broncos defense again chokes and loses by another game winning FG
  12. The kid had surgery on his knee. People who thought he'd return by week 1 or 2 are delusional. The breaking news about the time table of ZW return was expected regardless of what Saleh was telling the media. Hope Flacco can get us some wins
  13. The most logical thing to do is sit ZW for week 1 and 2 for full recovery. Not worth rushing him back out there to risk another injury then having no choice but to move on from your potential franchise QB
  14. GW is CD replacement next season and will get plenty of playing time this season
  15. He won't be ready and the coaching staff will not rush him back until he is 100% healthy. If he is rushed to return and gets injured again, we'll be drafting a QB or signing a stop gap QB next season.
  16. I'm expecting Saleh to play them. I don't want to hear excuses if we struggle in the beginning of the season and people will be blaming Saleh for sitting starters during preseason and not getting them prepared for the regular season
  17. We know that Zach Wilson will not be ready. If ZW returns and gets injured again, we'll be moving on from him after this season so they're not going to rush him back by at least week 3-4
  18. Which is why I believe if Flacco can win or be competitive until ZW returns and he can't then JD's job should be safe.
  19. Of course it's not tied to Flacco. I never mentioned about benching Wilson... I'm just saying IF this team can win with Flacco but not with Wilson and showing no improvement, should JD be on the hot seat? Bart Scott came out today or yesterday about JD needs to have Flacco start a few games to show the results of this team then let ZW back out there
  20. I agree with you about ZW. I'm just okay with Flacco starting for a few games to see if we can win or at least be competitive and then let ZW start the rest of the way. If ZW was able to start the season and stinks as well as the team then JD could be gone after this season I think Flacco can save JD's job with decent QB play and believe that's what JD will plan to try and save himself from being on the hot seat. This isn't about bashing ZW but mainly JD's job security
  21. Win with Flacco who saves JD from the hot seat in 2023. We'll know early this season if JD has done a good job building this team or not with Flacco at QB. While we wait for ZW to return.
  22. I don't think they care if there is a QB controversy. JD will be on the hot seat in 2023 and possibly Saleh if we're not at least competive this year. I believe they're more concerned about their jobs and rather have Flacco start some games who gives us the best chance to win as well as giving time for Zach Wilson to heal before throwing him out there too soon and risk another injury. We'll have no choice but to draft another QB next season if ZW get hurt for the third time.
  23. You know I'm making sense lol I want to see if Flacco can win us some games and if he can, we'll know for sure that we can win with decent QB play. Then when ZW returns if he struggles all season and shows us no glimpse of hope then we know that we'll need to address the QB situation. Also him being injured two times now is worrisome. I want ZW to succeed and be our FQB but I'm just throwing my thoughts out there if I wanted to keep myself from the hot seat in 2023 And if we have another top 5 pick......
  24. With Zach Wilson's injury. This would be the perfect time to take advantage of the situation by starting the veteran QB Flacco. I would not make a healthy Zach Wilson the starter in week 2 if we beat Baltimore with Flacco If Flacco is able to win us some games going 2-0 or even 2-1. This will prove to Woody and the fans that this team that JD put together is just a QB away from being great. Sitting at 2-0, 2-1, or 3-0(miracle) and Zach Wilson returns in week 4 and the offense goes back to struggling. JD nor Saleh will be on the hot seat in 2023 since Flacco proved that we can win with this team.
  25. Zach Wilson didn't run at all last preseason and we were like why is he not running? This preseason he runs and gets hurt. I rather ZW to just not run AT ALL even in regular games because he's just too injury prone. He really does need to let plays develop for our guys to get open and not panic when the ball is snapped and trust the OL(I know we didn't have our starting Tackles last night). He just needs to calm the hell down. It was only almost two series for him. I think he will hold us back when he returns for not being able to get the reps this preseason. Hope I'm wrong.
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