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  1. A mental mistake in passing is the same and never changes. I understand that the league is more pass happy now but rookie QBs still make bone headed throws causing turnovers. Lets just hope that Wilson figures it out sometime this season and learn from his mistakes. He needs to check the ball down more rather than trying to make big plays happen that isn't there. I've noticed Wilson doesn't like checking the ball down
  2. I have noticed that Wilson doesn't like easy check downs and rather try and make big plays happen. Hopefully he learns to do check downs rather than trying to force big plays to happen that's not there
  3. I agree and it seemed LaFleur called too many plays trying to get a big play going that was never there
  4. If Wilson has a good game next week, all of you whiney babies will be receiving a lollipop from Zach Wilson. First season for every rookie QB has their ups and downs so calm down and lets see when Wilson can turn things around and improve. At the end of the day, at least we saw our defense step up and tried to keep us in the game. Wilson is the blame for the loss no doubt about it.
  5. Peyton Manning also threw 5 INTs against the Patriots his rookie season and another 5 INTs against Miami. People just need to calm down and let the kid get through the season
  6. Defense just keeps forgetting about CMC, not good. Second half adjustment but think its too late
  7. We're going to have to pass and avoid the run game if we want to win regardless of how bad the OL is playing
  8. Its possible that the highlights of our game on YouTube will be 4 minutes long while other games average 15 mins of highlights
  9. Sam Darnold will forget that he's not on the Jets anymore and throw a couple of INTS straight to our guys. Can't wait to see it
  10. The defense will be better this year than last year but will have its ups and downs. The offense is far better than last year. Expect 7-10 wins
  11. Panthers offensive line isn't good and reported today that their starting RG is out. Our defensive line will put pressure up the middle. Darnold will have happy feet and force throws. Expecting at least 1 turnover from Darnold throwing an INT and couple of sacks. Jets 24 Panthers 13
  12. Darnold's deep ball accuracy is atrocious and his arm a bit weak so Bless-Austin will be fine. I just can't see Sam Darnold beating us.
  13. Jets points per game average in 2020 season was 15.2 (Last in the NFL) With a better head coach, offensive coordinator, and QB, my prediction is 23.7 points per game. Lets see who has the closest PPG prediction by the end of the season!
  14. Chris Simms is much more credible than Tony Romo when it comes to which QB has NFL talent. But Romo could be right for once. Romo should just stick to calling what play is coming.
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