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  1. A thread allowance would be cool, as long as the title begins with ***OFFICAL***
  2. \lock and seal I guess too busy in the Caribbean to keep track of it all.
  3. Carolina will draft either Sewell or Pitts. They have more weapons and better OL. 2021 will be an adjustment period for the Jets with a more prominent future next year and forward. 2021 Darnold 2022 Wilson
  4. A little bit of.satire on this thread, don't you think?
  5. Please continue to stay away from football operations and fix your damn issues. COVID-19 vaccine clinics put J&J vaccine on hold after adverse reactions; CDC finds no safety issue with vaccine. https://www.wral.com/covid-19-vaccine-clinics-put-j-j-vaccine-on-hold-after-adverse-reactions-cdc-finds-no-safety-issue-with-vaccine/19616960/
  6. I try to avoid the thumb down, but this one deserves both thumbs and big toes down if they were available.i can't understand your though process, when this team is finally on the right track. How about this? Try to be positive in your life!
  7. Mart, I mean, Peter has a little lamb named Mike Rosenstein.
  8. Ok, I forgot is 2021, I'll keep it PG.
  9. He is a Mormon, not a redneck! However, if she was his cousin..
  10. Fuk the politics and prioritize your personal life. Trevor Lawrence marries Marissa Mowry after skipping NFL Draft event https://nypost.com/2021/04/11/trevor-lawrence-marissa-mowry-wedding-photos/
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