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  1. Pig Ben and Tammy Brady post retirement celebration.
  2. Agree, he isn't a #1 (X/Z) @football guy type of receiver.
  3. Monson also noted that Davis posted the highest drop rate of his career (15.6 percent), and his stats across the board disappointed as well. Yeah, these people are idiots for signing him, agreed.
  4. https://thejetpress.com/posts/ny-jets-corey-davis-signing-worst-2021 NY Jets wide receiver Corey Davis didn't perform up to par this past season, and he's rightfully listed as one of the team's worst signings in 2021. An abundance of factors come into play when signing any player, and there's always the possibility of a player simply not fitting into a team's scheme. It's too early to tell if Davis will be a complete bust for New York, but his first season with the Jets left much to be desired. PFF's Sam Monson listed the best and worst 2021 NFL free agent signings with the
  5. Fire Ulbrich now! If the defense glows with a new DC, keep them all; if the D sucks instead, fire Saleh, new DC. Promote LaFleur only if the offense makes good progress; otherwise fire LaFleur and Joe Douglas as well.
  6. Per Twitter: The #Jets worked out Canadian WR/TE Jevon Cottoy today, source said. Cottoy (6-5, 230) had 39 catches for 519 yards and 3 TDs last season for the CFL's BC Lions. More workouts scheduled.
  7. SOJF! By the way, my name is Dick.
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