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  1. AFC North 1. Bengals 2. Ravens 3. Browns 4. Steelers W/L 2-2 Bengals 31 - Jets 21 Ravens 21 - Jets 17 Jets 31 - Browns 28 Jets 28 - Steelers 21
  2. I chose the Jets over the Giants and Bills without growing-up in NY. I had zero knowledge of what I was doing at that moment needless to say.
  3. @DoomProphet I highly suggest that you stop posting videos on this site. It is obvious that people have cowardly tendencies while hiding behind their keyboards. With this said, a honest criticism would be the context and presentation. You should consolidate and reorganize with a fresh start. A desk, background, etc...just work on aesthetics, intro music, etc. You have great intentions but the human nature is to be critical and bullish without positive criticism. You should ignore negative people and focus on improving. Lastly, the feedback from this site shouldn't be fully ignored. Maybe it is possible that this could or couldn’t be a desirable field for you. Good luck.
  4. The Jets are probably facing the best WRs in the league this year. A lot to ask for a rookie CB but it will also benefit his growth.
  5. Hey honey, please move the house tour schedule, I am about to shoot a 69. Lol!
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