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  1. Jamal Adams and Q. Williams were drafted by McCoffee.
  2. I have a gut feeling that Fields is going to be the better of the two.
  3. Let's go J-E-T-S and say goodbye to TL. Let's put this big o'le fish in deep fryer!
  4. Dude, you just don't comprehend sarcasm. Like others have stated, I'm the reverse lucky charm. Take a hike dudette!
  5. Please don't tell @joewilly12
  6. I am a moron too, I am a Jets fan.
  7. The New York Knicks select (also pick #23). Let's go Knicks!
  8. Highlights against the Navy, definitely pass. Go Army!
  9. Is the system, solid coaching and winning culture that have made these teams attractive and steady. How many of these teams drafted a QB with the #1 overall pick? Not many and why? Because of their discipline, scouting and ownership which have impede and avoid tanking. Look at the Steelers, did they tanked last season? No. There were even rumors about possible coaching changes but they never quit. Look at them now! Never quit or surrender!
  10. Awesome post! Establishing a winning culture and drafting well are incredibly important. We brought Bill Parcell after going 1-15. We need a reputable coach and a decent QB. Our reputation and winning culture will be key areas to attract good players.
  11. Were you really rooting for the Patriots to win last night? Despicable!
  12. https://nypost.com/2020/11/10/jets-are-making-this-hard-for-trevor-lawrence-obsessed-fans/ Jets are making this hard for Trevor Lawrence-obsessed fans I will be laughing my butt off at the SOJ loser mental fans:
  13. Sir, I applaud you! Other sorry ass/fake fans with a losing mentality. Quitters, softies, GTFO. Keep dreaming about the 1st pick and TL, keep dreaming.
  14. Darnold was the answer for many fans as well. There is no guaranteed other than being the most embarrassing team in the league.
  15. Let's see if you can figure this one out: Paul Hornung (1957) – Won Super Bowl I Bubba Smith (1967) – Won Super Bowl V Terry Bradshaw (1970) – Won Super Bowl IX, X, XIII, XIV Jim Plunkett (1971) – Won Super Bowl XV, XVIII John Matuszak (1973) – Won Super Bowl XI, XV Ed “Too Tall” Jones (1974) – Won Super Bowl XII George Rogers (1981) – Won Super Bowl XXII John Elway (1983) – Won Super Bowl XXXII, XXXIII Troy Aikman (1989) – Won Super Bowl XXVII, XXVIII, XXX Russell Maryland (1991) – Won Super Bowl XXVII, XXVIII, XXX Drew Bledsoe (1993) – Won Super Bowl XXXVI Keyshawn Johnson (1996) – Won Super Bowl XXXVII Orlando Pace (1997) – Won Super Bowl XXXIV Peyton Manning (1998) – Won Super Bowl XLI, 50 David Carr (2002) – Won Super Bowl XLVI Eli Manning (2004) – Won Super Bowl XLII, XLVI Eric Fisher (2013) – Won Super Bowl LIV
  16. I wasn't, because I don't believe in quitting and losing. Also, a #1 pick doesn't guarantee you anything (see Baker Mayfield's career and other busts). If you were happy losing last night, you should change your status from loyal to disgraceful.
  17. It was @SAR I texting him: "please don't fire Adam, he is a genius".

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