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  1. Saleh, you are way over your head. Do the righteous thing for this franchise and submit your resignation.
  2. A dream come true. 1 Michael Mayer, Notre Dame 6-4, 251. 2 Jahleel Billingsley, Texas 6-4, 216. 3 Sam LaPorta, Iowa 6-4, 249. 4 Dalton Kincaid, Utah 6-4, 242. 5 Josh Whyle, Cincinnati 6-6, 245. 6 Cameron Latu, Alabama 6-5, 244. 7 Michael Trigg, Ole Miss 6-3, 240.
  3. I cried last week, imagine the super bowl.
  4. $11m per year for a backup tackle. Great signing! TYJDTY!
  5. I was listening to the game as Fiona visited us. The island still suffering 80% power and water outage. The comeback victory has helped my morale throughout this ordeal.
  6. Staff members and clipboard holders are excluded.
  7. 1. AVT - JD moved up and has being criticized for it. He is now asking for receipts. AVT numbers are best in the league. 2 Reed- a baller and have been the best defensive player for consecutive weeks. 3. Garrett Wilson- his numbers are off the chart and he is the best offensive weapon. He is only going to get better. Honorable mention: Berrios - dangerous punt returner and he could squeeze in another pro bowl.
  8. As of today, Max is ahead on the battle of the 2022 fourth rounders. Max Mitchell > Clemmons
  9. Those stats should clearly have this team rated much higher on the subjective power rankings.
  10. Or factual? I want to see metrics and data comparison besides subjectivity when these reports are published.
  11. Cool video until Robertito popped the lame 60% cliché. Just shut it please!
  12. Should climb 7 more after we beat the Bengals.
  13. This is an awful take and probably a bottom 10 post in the history of JN.
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