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  1. Ass clown Irvin sounds stoned at ESPN circus.
  2. Handing the keys freely due to draft position was a bigger mistake. Zach should have been red-shirted last year followed by true QB competition during this offseason.
  3. Elijah finally had a QB that showed up.
  4. It's time for JD to acknowledge his mistake and move on from this mega bust.
  5. 10 different players with a reception 1st half alone.
  6. https://nypost.com/2022/11/24/baker-mayfield-speaks-out-after-panthers-decision-to-start-sam-darnold?utm_source=nypost&utm_campaign=android_nyp The Carolina Panthers will again make a quarterback change, announcing this week that Sam Darnold will start on Sunday against the Denver Broncos. Go Sam!
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