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  1. Where are you @joewilly12 ? Did you get kidnapped by the Patriots or did AOL went out of business? I hope that you are okay bud, I need my sparring partner back.
  2. This is not breaking news and not thread worthy. Wait until week 17 Mr. Trololo.
  3. I truly understand your resentment, but Money Revis did get a ring after all.
  4. That's a sound plan but I still would like to experiment the right side.
  5. That was Plan A and it might still be the case; but things do change. It was reported that the line played better upon Becton's injury and with a better pass protection in the last 2 games, things could turn to another direction.
  6. I would experiment Becton on the right side, it can't hurt to try.
  7. Wilson has been sack only 3 times in the last two games, something to keep an eye on.
  8. The O-Line has gotten better and AVT is excelling with Fant on his side. Should the current nucleus on the left side be altered or should we use Becton as a floater? The latter will impact Becton's development but changing the line could have its implications. Thoughts?
  9. Maye for a 4th rounder is about right.
  10. His offense is just as bad as Gase's, let's quit pretending!
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