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  1. This has to be a Joe Douglas mandate. Saleh is being puppet mastered and the staff is taking a chance of losing the locker room with the love affair towards Wilson.
  2. Underthrowing must be the new tactic.
  3. Zach has already lost the locker room and respect. There is no additional experiment needed.
  4. There's still hope for you kid...
  5. Blanket party his ass Full Metal Jacket style.
  6. @FidelioJet Hey JN captain... You are fired!
  7. Granny ****er needs to hang it.
  8. A like button would be greatly appreciated for this local band. @Maxman
  9. Re-posting is not a direct form of attack hence deservedly.
  10. Lo siento pero es la verdad!
  11. Architecture thread > Uniform thread
  12. The pathetic NFL hyping the trashy Pro Bowl with a clickbait system.
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