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  1. 1 hour ago, hamat711 said:

    The Jets only have so much cap space and draft capital because they suck. Any GM could do the same thing. Getting rid of talent doesn't make you a good GM. It's what you do with those resources. So far he hasn't done much with opportunities he was given.


    Just look at what Joe Douglas has done.


    Becton - Good, but Wirfs has been better and he was available.

    Mims - The 12th best WR in his draft class so far. He is decent but nothing special.

    Ashtyn - Below average, and he was the Leonard Williams pick. Leonard Williams is playing at an elite level right now.

    Zuniga - Who?

    Perine - Looks like a backup RB

    Clark - Who?

    Mann - Struggled after good start

    Hall - He was good for the Jets, but far below league average. 



    Perriman - As every non-homer predicted, decent depth, but not a good starter.

    Wilson - Not even on the team anymore

    Desir - Also not on the team

    Onwuasor - Who?

    Fant - Overpaid

    Mcgovern - Underperformed

    Lewis - JAG

    Roten - Mixed Bag.

    Gore - Low Ceiling, low Floor


    Adam Gase couldn't get his sh*t straight until week 14, end of story.

  2. 10 hours ago, undertow said:

    I never root for injuries but if Wilson gets hurt for any period of time next years pick could be top ten...with the exception of a few players the Hawks aren't very good especially in the trenches. 

    And if he plays like the the last game of the season.

  3. 1 hour ago, JTJet said:

    It's a big deal are you kidding ? 

    This is insight that we still don't really know if JD is calling the shots or not, he just said he fired Adam Gase in the press conference, Christopher Johnson said he did yesterday. 

    So who's actually in charge?

    Drama queen!

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  4. Basketball has returned to to the Garden!

    Loving the chemistry. Coach T getting the best out of each player. Excited about Quickly and impressed with Barrett and Randle (should be considered for an extension). 

    Let's stay healthy and let's show the world who is the best and most fun basketball team in NY!

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  5. 1 hour ago, SouthernJet said:

    Cast wide net, take our time.


    Jets have had MONTHS to research these coaches cause they knew Gase was gone in early October (I think Douglas knew Gase gone Jan 2021 the day he was hired and inherited idiot Gase). Research DONE. Its offer and negotiate time in order of who you want. Dont waste time and lose best guys while you yank you pud

    Stick to hunting and fishing.

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