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  1. Rep owners wishes by making the game almost unwatchable with inept referees while over-protecting QBs.
  2. Cam Newton, OBJ and Elijah already hanging-out and building team spirit....
  3. Our current OL is going to permanently retire Rodgers.
  4. The power has shifted to the NFC, watch out Mahomes, you ain't getting back-to-back rings with these two future HOFs.
  5. 6th/7th round comp picks are stacking for the Jets...Joe D is going to be a happy fella.
  6. Who is gettng fleeced? Will Fathead Joe keep his hot-fleecing streak going? Odds are against, GB can let this drag effortlessly.
  7. Cleveland Browns rumored to have interest in trading for New York Jets WR Elijah Moore Could New York Jets wide receiver Elijah Moore be on the move this offseason? Mary Kay Cabot from cleveland.com suggests that the Cleveland Browns have a growing interest in the third-year wide receiver from Ole Miss. https://jetsxfactor.com/2023/03/12/ny-jets-elijah-moore-trade-browns/ After putting up an impressive season as a rookie (43 catches, 538 yards and 6 total TDs across 11 games), Moore regressed heavily in his sophomore season. Between the lack of involvement in the offense, his outbursts against then-offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur, and Moore personally requesting a trade, it seemed imminent that the two sides would be parting ways sooner than later. Out goes Moore, in comes Lazard? The Jets aren’t the only people waiting on a decision from Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers’ teammate, wide receiver Allen Lazard, is also waiting to see where Rodgers intends to play in 2023. According to NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, Rodgers’ destination “will be a factor” for Lazard .
  8. Thank you Christa, thank you!
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