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  1. FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- A look at what's happening around the New York Jets: 1. Holiday shopping: Sunday is National Tight Ends Day on the NFL calendar. Yes, it's kind of a thing. As usual, the Jets have no reason to celebrate it. Continuing one of the Jetsiest traditions, the front office failed in the offseason to supply the offense with a reliable, pass-catching tight end. The lack of a middle-field threat is hurting quarterback Zach Wilson, but there might be a way to rectify the problem. A handful of tight ends could become available as the Nov. 2 trading deadline approaches -
  2. In the meantime, Lafleur and Saleh would be working extremely hard on the sidelines figuring how to score in the 1st half.
  3. Cardinals would have been on this list as well. We can still get our chit together, but FU slime ball comish!
  4. It is great to take responsibility but the Giants roster is just as bad as ours. We can blame the coaches and the system, but you can't ignore or exempt sucky ass players on their rosters.
  5. I wonder if Rodgers had any input drafting Fields.
  6. You start the the season with a vet QB to help mesh it all.
  7. I'll give up weed... Nah, I am good.
  8. JD ripped Vikings' ahole, enough said.
  9. Free Elijah!!! FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- One of the biggest disappointments in the New York Jets' 1-4 start is rookie wide receiver Elijah Moore, who was so dazzling in the spring and early in training camp that team officials were giddy with the belief they had stolen him in the second round of the NFL draft. He still might turn out to be a steal, but his slow start has tempered the buzz. The numbers: four games, 20 targets, eight catches for 66 yards. No impact. "Elijah Moore is a baller and his time is coming, just like the rest of us," said quarterback Zach Wilson
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