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  1. False, as far as zero interest from the Pigeons. I do wish he will be traded elsewhere and keep his crazy narcissistic @ss elsewhere.
  2. Let's simplify things, the 2023 NY Pigeons record is going to be 5-12.
  3. Nah, just got done swimming and relaxing for a bit.
  4. Short answer: no. We only had a few good years since I became a fan in 1987. Parcells'and Ryan's era were the most fun. I don't have much faith on this team with the current staff and ownership. We can be in denial, but the truth is that we have been the laughing stock for decades and will continue to be unless the Johnsons sale the team. Woody is all over the Jets business this offseason and his prime target has been over-the-hill Rodgers. You guys are dreaming thinking that he is going to be lights out in NY. You have another thing coming. I believe Rodgers is scrap. Packers are moving in the right direction by having a younger QB lead the way. The Jets can't develop QBs and will be stuck with typical washed up QBs like Flacco, Fitzpatrick, Favre and multiple draftees.
  5. Jets lost leverage with Carr’s signing. I think Rodgers already caused some damage to the process because of being indecisive. The cost might be steep: 2023 2nd/6th 2024 1st (conditional)/5th
  6. Never. Have a sense of humor, it helps.
  7. How many gallons of tears since 1969?
  8. The name Jets is an utter disrespect to Hans von Ohain (developed the world's first jet plane). In honor to Mr. Ohain, we should set forth the formerly NY Jets as the NY Pigeons, because we love scraps... Nevertheless, we should be ecstatic to have this big time star as a fan of our future beloving NY Pigeons...
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I was translating from Spanish ghee-manteca which I thought it was within the lard spectrum.
  10. Justin Fields should have been the pick. JD however, fell in love with a well-spoken person -- suckered by the likes of an used-car salesperson -- with desperation to patch-up the self-inflicted damage caused by a bad purchase of a lemon (hooptie).
  11. Derek Carr's statement might bring AR's price tag a bit lower.
  12. Your boi ain't coming here.
  13. You are somewhat delusional. He was notorious for missing wide open receivers. I don't think that I have ever witnessed many like him. He is very unique.
  14. Counterpoint... Even when he is well protected and with plenty time to throw.
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