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  1. Please rewind your memory back to the off season and see if you said the same thing about his playing abilities.
  2. $100 are pennies if you add all the expenses and personal time that you have invested in this team.
  3. Now go rip another butthole JD, so you can waste it on another bust. https://thejetpress.com/posts/ny-jets-rumors-marcus-maye-trade-contender The NY Jets rumor mill is heating up as the trade deadline approaches in a few weeks. And one player who's expected to be at the center of trade talks is safety Marcus Maye. Maye has been involved in trade rumors for months now, really since the Jets opted to place the franchise tag on him after the two sides couldn't come to terms on an extension. As the months have gone on, Maye's future with the Jets has become more and more
  4. I bet that's how Mims feels right now.
  5. Where are you @joewilly12 ? Did you get kidnapped by the Patriots or did AOL went out of business? I hope that you are okay bud, I need my sparring partner back.
  6. This is not breaking news and not thread worthy. Wait until week 17 Mr. Trololo.
  7. I truly understand your resentment, but Money Revis did get a ring after all.
  8. That's a sound plan but I still would like to experiment the right side.
  9. That was Plan A and it might still be the case; but things do change. It was reported that the line played better upon Becton's injury and with a better pass protection in the last 2 games, things could turn to another direction.
  10. I would experiment Becton on the right side, it can't hurt to try.
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