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  1. Never forget! Guess who's next?
  2. Zach "The Rough Rider" Wilson
  3. What's your favorite edible?
  4. @Joe W. Namath will be the next one jumping once he realizes Garoppolo isn't coming to the Jets.
  5. The future is looking brighter by the day...
  6. Fathead Joe needs to stop pussing around and needs start developing a QB via draft (unless they have no self-confidence). Isn't Purdy enough evidence that it can be done? Shame, shame and more shame on this organization.
  7. This is an old article from last year, but it needs to be reminded to some fans of our current QB state and lack thereof development. NFL draft: Which teams have gotten the best value since 2012? We rank all 32 https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/33297949/nfl-draft-which-teams-gotten-best-value-2012-rank-all-32 32. New York Jets Career Approximate Value Over Expected (CAVOE) of draft picks, 2012-2021: -304.9 Record from 2012-2021: 55-106 Best class from 2012-2021 drafts: 2017. Picking the Jets' best draft class is like choosing between different kinds of stale cheese: They're all rotten, but one stinks less than the others. In 2017, they used their first two picks on a pair of safeties, Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye, both of whom have enjoyed productive careers. Adams made two Pro Bowls and one All-Pro team before demanding a trade. Their 2021 draft has a chance to be special, but it's too soon to toss it flowers, especially with the jury still out on quarterback Zach Wilson. -- Rich Cimini CAVOE from Day 3 draft picks (Rounds 4-7): -73.3, 32nd Best Day 3 steal? DT Folorunso Fatukasi, sixth round, 2018. Fatukasi was an underrated piece on the Jets defensive line. Recently signing a three-year, $30 million deal with the Jaguars, he was rewarded for outplaying his original draft spot. -- Reid Worth noting: 2022 draft should bring these numbers higher, but 2020 and especially Zach Wilson’s are horrendous.
  8. The NY Jets marketing director has informed the media that Jet Blue has officially been replaced as sponsors due to its new adopted name. The new sponsors 5 Borough, are dire enthusiasts of nature and want to honor NY's hottest and upcoming NFL team... "We love begging for scraps"- Woody Johnson, President-NY Pigeons
  9. Bipolar fans with amnesia, have tendencies of living the moment and forgetting the fecal matter that has been force-fed down our throats for decades.
  10. Fat Joe hasn't developed a QB in 4 years; let's save his ass by renting one instead. Pathetic.
  11. Aaron, just bring this guy for the ultimate-decision coin-flip!
  12. Christa has been focusing on the wrong LB. If you're reading this post, please change your course.
  13. No worries, once Woody dies, there will be continuity in the process of micromanagement...
  14. Let's bank on a 39 year old QB with mental problems to take this team to the promise land.
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