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  1. No worries, @Joe W. Namathwill jump the wagon and glorify JD if he plays for the Jets.
  2. Lucky you! I missed it by a year.
  3. More salad, less tossing
  4. This guy will be a great coach one day...
  5. Honestly, it feels sort of hypocritical to be moved by a half-a-century old achievement; especially if you weren't even around for it. Time is running out for some of us. Happy for the fans who witnessed those glory days; but the torture thereafter has been deterrent to any previous accolades hence the feel of an afterthought.
  6. Besides high taxes, cost of living, pollution, rats and a$$hole people/media; a very desirable place.
  7. We can't even get a pretty one to model an ugly sweater.
  8. A Nobel prize theory: "money buys nice t!ts"
  9. The decision-making process of this organization continues to hinder this team's success. Also, good luck finding a QB as well Woody!
  10. https:/thejetpress.com/posts/ny-jets-news-deandre-hopkins-trade-pff-all-pro/amp The Jets signed seven players to reserve/future contracts on Monday including quarterback Chris Streveler. These seven players were on the team's practice squad in 2022 and this move allows them to stick around into the spring and hopefully the summer. The other six players signed on Monday were offensive lineman Chris Glaser, cornerback Craig James, cornerback Jimmy Moreland, defensive lineman Marquiss Spencer, linebacker Chazz Surratt, and wide receiver Malik Taylor. The Jets later signed defensive tackle Tanzel Smart to a reserve/future contract on Tuesday, bringing the total up to eight players. Smart has appeared in six games with the Jets over the last three years and has become a perpetual summer standout.
  11. Too bad we missed on Doug Pederson, too damn bad.
  12. 3rd stringer and demote Zach to PS.
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