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  1. I wouldn't ever thought of this. Mims has outclassed and outplayed E. Moore and the latter should be subject to trade next year.
  2. And the Jets were without their best RB and OL.
  3. Or maybe the other around, little brother is outplaying big bro.
  4. You are right, add Gronk Baby Huey to the list.
  5. Proving this ass clown wrong feels damn good as well...
  6. I don't understand the hate on JJ. The dude is a stud and a solid contributor on the run defense.
  7. Pete Carroll should also be considered. Nobody expected the Seahawks to be 6-3 with Geno and the offseason overhaul.
  8. We should be ecstatic. Great win.
  9. Nice JAG action @Joe W. Namath
  10. Skycam malfunction to kill the momentum. POS stadium.
  11. Business success formula.
  12. Are you saying that Joe D is a JAG lover?
  13. What are you talking about buffoon?
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