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  1. First of all, I will never root for any other team. I am a hard-core Jet fan since 1987. The last coach that earned my respect was Bill Parcells (some of you might be too young to remember). Between him and Rex, they have given us 4-5 decent seasons in which we were respected by the league. Rex worked-out shortly, but turned the team into a clown festival later on. 

    It's is hard to imagine that any of us is truly happy with the outcome of this season. The utter incompetence from the higher-ups is abysmal. 

    I post a lot silly sh*t and I am the first one to admit.  But it is tiring to continue spending numerous hours searching for possibilities, stats and the redundancy of the vicious offseason's cycle.

    This team has lied and disrespected the fan base. Saleh specifically called-out the fan base as being "rudes" and the whole "receipts" bullsh*t.

    This team doesn’t deserve our respect until they make significant improvements. This a two-way street, it's time for us stand ground and say...

    Fk' you NY Jets, Fk' you!


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  2. 8 minutes ago, jamesr said:

    mainly because the Titans collapsed down the stretch losing 7 in a row

    Damn, we are going to fall short on that feast!

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