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  1. If he fires Gase, trades Darnold and drafts Trevor. Do you care to join @Joewillie12 ?
  2. I suggested to cut Bell and got 10 thumbs down, good move by Glass Joe.
  3. We should have a 'don your paperbag masks' ceremony before the season starts.
  4. Mims will have an outstanding rookie campaign in 2021.
  5. A plea to SAR I, please change your banner and add this GOAT.
  6. They pay hefty luxury taxes for it, not their fault other team markets are broke.
  7. Tampa Bay Rays are the minor league clubhouse of the MLB. They develop great players for others to sign. Still, having an outstanding season this year.
  8. Grandpa, die hard Mets. I'm from the Bronx, end of story.
  9. Max out this beast! Anything less would be bellow SOJ standards.
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