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  1. I was for a while, but I burn over 1k calories 5x week, and it's tough to be fully vegan while losing so many calories. I try to stay keto friendly as much as I can, but I do eat "real pizza" once in a while.
  2. "Sleepy Joe", "Joe "Nipples" Douglas, #Jet4life, #FalsepromisestoMomma"
  3. I started to swim with good technique about one year. I enjoy open water swimming and Mar Bella, P.R., is one of the most beautiful beaches in this country. Recently, there was a whale sighting very close to the beach and manatees as well. There are also turtles, star fish and color fishes. You can also hear green parrots throughout the beach. I hope that you could visit one day...you will love it.
  4. I made a huge mistake, but I hope you still love... my tiny nipples.
  5. I am not talking about politics as in "liberal". In addition, I try to bring some content to spark up during cemetery days. (By they way, look back and see who brought this awesome thread back to life). I think you should thank me for my time and effort. Thank you.
  6. Casperina likes gossip and she is not a friendly ghost...
  7. I used to be a member of JI (Jets Insider) in 2005 and it was very liberal site. I thought JN was a mirror website back in those days and didn't bother becoming a member.
  8. I understand, it is a varience from the original format. However, the concept is the same and it is better for your health. Also, you will never get the amount of cheeses and extra topping in a pizzeria, at least not as depicted on the original post. I will continue making this thing (whatever is called) as a healthier alternative. Thanks for your feedback.
  9. Rams needs more cap space and Wagner wants to win. /thread
  10. Yeah, we have tons of room for badgering... How many titles do the Green Bay Packers have? 13 The Green Bay Packers have won more championships -- 13 -- than any other team in National Football League history. They won their first three by league standing (1929, 1930 and 1931), and 10 since the NFL's playoff system was established in 1933 (1936, 1939, 1944, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1996 and 2010).
  11. Bittersweet feelings; sad for not being promoted, but happy for retaining him instead of coaching for the Cleveland Clowns.
  12. This is a realistic plan, thanks for posting.
  13. I think that is a generic assumption from the fan base and the media. At this point, any OC/QB combo this year will be an improvement.
  14. Per Google: Una Pizza Napoletana by Anthony Mangieri in New York has been named the Best Pizzeria in the USA for 2022 by 50 Top Pizza.
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