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  1. Mornings, afternoons, nights, eating, pooping or whatever, I am always viewing this awesome site. Maybe we can form an addiction support group. Let's get together people, let's pm each other and form a group of neutered and emancipated members of JN.
  2. No, there are too many lazy pucks that rather pay $25 for a burrito via GrubHub.
  3. Yeah, because Cimini has all the right answers as well.
  4. Now go learn from the best money making tutor, your one and only dawg, you know who I am.
  5. https://www.nj.com/giants/2020/06/nfl-power-rankings-giants-jets-slammed-by-nbc-sports-peter-king-eagles-show-signs-of-hope.html NFL power rankings: Giants, Jets slammed by NBC Sports’ Peter King; Eagles show signs of hope With the calendar turning to June, hope springs eternal that life will somewhat return to normal in the NFL. Minicamps this month could be a reality, if coaches and players are allowed to return to team facilities and all 32 clubs receive the green light from local officials amid the coronavirus pandemic A better bet is for the NFL to return at the end of
  6. More is coming, the writing is on the wall We will trade Adams and get assets. We need a WR and a left tackle. CB and edge on D.
  7. I will support soon. However, I am still waiting on that JI's t-shirt I ordered about 10 years ago, so I hope better luck with JN's stuff.
  8. Everything will be fine as long as Sam's face doesn't meet Pancakes' butt.
  9. Budweiser is just fine and made in USA. https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/4894784002 Corona is getting flak on social media for an ill-timed "coming ashore soon" campaign for its hard seltzer. ‘Corona beer virus’ and ‘beer coronavirus’ searches increase as fears of outbreak spread KELLY TYKO | USA TODAY | 7:36 pm EST February 27, 2020 The coronavirus has nothing to do with Corona beer, but some people online seem to think so. USA TODAY Corona is getting flak on social media for an ill-timed "coming ashore soon" cam
  10. Get these kids back to school ASAP!
  11. I did the same thing when I was 16 and was able to retire from a career. It is not over yet for him. Tell him that you "believe in him", goes a long way.
  12. Are you sure you were not drinking and driving while texting this BS?
  13. The Patriots will be automatically approved.
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