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  1. The NFL world will come crashing back to reality the next time one of these great young QBs get suffocated by a defense. Burrow or Mahomes better be ready against the NFC champion, that’s all I’m saying. Mahomes could do absolutely nothing against the Bucs last SB. Josh Allen was only able to score 6 points against the Jaguars.
  2. Last night’s game, while thrilling, should not be seen as “the goal”. It was a defensive disaster which made it so exciting. I’ll take a 9-3 win any day. First we have to get actual wins.
  3. Clearly Josh Allen’s legacy is tarnished. He’s 0-2 against the Chiefs in the playoffs, quickly catching up to Rodgers’ 0-4 against the niners in a much shorter amount of time. According to a lot of people, Allen is WAY overrated and a fraud because he can’t win in the playoffs, even with such a STACKED roster. A players’ legacy is built up by their play, and reinforced by what they accomplish. Not the other way around. To think it can be diminished by losses is ridiculous. Tom Brady is not a standard. He is an outlier. Everyone great QB is expected to win at least 4 SBs nowaday
  4. As long as we agree the O-Line, receivers besides Adams, special teams and run defense also choked today. Also that Rodgers did not play poorly, just that he did not do "enough" in snowy 0 degree weather. Manning, Brees, Roethlisberger, Favre, (the list goes on) are all choke artists like Rodgers too because we live in a world where if you're not young and hot like Mahomes/Burrow or haven't won 7 superbowls like Brady, you're overhyped.
  5. You start by saying "There's plenty of blame to go around" and end with "Fraudgers". Hilarious the lengths people will go to call Rodgers a fraud.
  6. He's been a great QB on an overrated team who spends first rounders on backup qbs instead of pass catchers. It was the same deal with Peyton in Indy. Also he's allowed to ponder his future lol. If you're still paying attention to NFL media in 2022 that's your own fault.
  7. It's impressive to be more pathetic than the Jets but the league has continued to find a way to do it.
  8. Nearly a 5:1 career TD to int ratio and 65% career completion percentage. Don't care about the rest.
  9. Wonder how many cookies he could get for the fourth pick.
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