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  1. The only question I care about is how many QBs in Jets’ history not named Joe Namath were better than Aaron Rodgers. The answer is zero. Regardless of how this Rodgers in NY saga unfolds, I will enjoy watching and take pride in good/great quarterbacking for this team.
  2. Add MW’s ribs & Darnold’s superstition and you have THE worst QB.
  3. A quote from a post over at packerforum.com: "If you told me Gute spun Rodgers into say Carl Lawson, Jeremy Ruckert and say Mims on the roster this year + a 2024 1st and a 2024 3rd or 4th....maybe a Day 3 conditional in 2025 I think you gotta take it."
  4. Hopefully. As in, I hope he's #2 and not #1. #3 would be better.
  5. "IT... IT JUST DOES, OK!?" There are fans who are scared of taking chances and being good. They'd rather wait on something that hasn't happened in 50+ years and has shown no signs of ever happening: drafting a franchise QB. They operate in this fantasy world where drafting a QB will ensure a NYJ dynasty for the next 5+ years, yet trading a few picks for a proven, top notch commodity will destroy any chances of that. It's what someone would call... A DISEASE.
  6. Thanks for the info. Interesting. Bottom line is he never did much of anything for us and was an issue within the building. Glad he’s gone.
  7. I know, the pain of not having future picks to spend on the Sam Darnolds, Zach Wilsons, Denzel Mims and Elijah Moores of the world. What a shame.
  8. Then they should have told him: "If you want to play, it will be somewhere else." Not tell him he's welcome back and then shop him behind his back. This is obviously assuming Rodgers was telling the truth, but I have no reason to believe otherwise.
  9. He knew that going into his darkness retreat. That's why he said he was 90% retired and figured he'd played his last game at Lambeau. GB moving onto Love wasn't what bothered him. GB starting to shop him after all their talks of retirement & taking time to decide is what bothered him.
  10. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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