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  1. Maybe try not taking every single thing at face value. JD simply remarking about Sam's good character, nothing else. Take a guess as to why he was traded.
  2. The Bears were willing to trade away the farm for Russel Wilson, tho now they have Dalton. Goes to show that I think teams are definitely willing to deal picks/players for QBs.
  3. I think Gettleman's been reading this board. That would explain why he thinks Jackson's an absolute must-have CB.
  4. Possibly but what about compared to our current players? Surely Saleh has looked at our CBs and desires an upgrade. I think JD is just hammering about fixing everything through the draft, which I'm not entirely opposed to, but a veteran/not rookie CB (an actually good one, not like Desir) is needed on this team right now.
  5. A 3rd day pick that JD made up for by acquiring others through draft day trades. He was able to trade down and still come away with Mims so I think he had the right to pick who he wanted regardless of position.
  6. Been wanting Smith here since he left the niners. Wish we would have traded for him in '13 instead of drafting Geno. Also doubt it will happen.
  7. Wouldn't say it's all directed at Cole. I think it's more "we didn't lay out for ANOTHER high profile WR in FA. #FIREJD".
  8. A lot of the complainers are the same people who CURSED JD for trading Jamal. Because "we need Jamal you are shipping our talent away stop it we're a Jamal away from a super bowl" or whatever. Getting the haul from Jamal (no rhyme intended) was JD's doing. Imagine if we still had him and we didn't have those extra picks right now? Then maybe I'd see a point in complaining about his conservative FA approach, but we have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds this year, 2 1st rounders next year. Obviously JD wants to establish this team's backbone through the draft, unlike Macc. Also to not
  9. So by your logic, had Sam panned out into a superstar QB despite the lack of talent around him, we would now want to trade him away to avoid giving him a huge contract because we have a poor roster. That's Bill O'Brien levels of genius.
  10. I do not understand this sentiment. We give up 2 or 3 firsts, still have 1st rounders from Jamal, and we have an elite QB. Still have cap room for extra spending. Worst thing that happens is Watson is playing on a bad team ~ no worse than Houston, but we have a competent offense. But we still have draft picks to improve roster. Otherwise we (potentially) do what we've done the past 50 years. Draft a rookie qb too high and watch him most likely struggle. Or draft down, HOPEFULLY draft multiple starters to fill holes, and proceed with bad qb play. How can you possibly not be tired of
  11. Gase's decision to kick a useless FG is like Gase's decision to run a useless draw play on 3rd and long. Oh well lost this time on to the next game/drive.
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