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  1. Richard Sherman lays it out nicely in the first 5 minutes. Production >>>>>>>> Potential. I'd much rather play Mike White to let him improve on his production within the offense, than play Wilson and hope he magically taps into his "potential". It's all BS. I don't want to hear about Zach Wilson again until the offseason. Another former player with a good point. Zach had a year and a half of horrible games and they were ignored/overlooked because he was learning (which he hasn't done much of) and because of "potential". Mike White starts his first 2-1/2 games (which he plays well for 1-1/2) and gets immediately written off because of 1 bad game. Tony Romo sat as Dallas's 3rd string QB for 3 years before he started for them, and in his second start threw 3 picks. The NFL world's obsession with "talent" and "potential" at the QB position is nauseating. It doesn't matter if you can fling the ball 70 yards standing on your left pinkie toe. It matters how your brain reads defenses and makes good decisions quickly.
  2. If we can stop Dalvin Cook running and force Kirk to throw, I think the DL will pressure him. Jefferson is going to make plays regardless. Our defense needs to make 3rd down stops in clutch moments in order for White Lightning to bring the offense ahead.
  3. Mike White needs more experience with over-the-top throws. Other than that, he just has to face tougher situations like pressure and safety/LB looks and improve. He has less live NFL experience than Zach.
  4. If we don’t fix our tackling, Cook is gonna be a headache all game long. Hope our run D doesn’t breakdown.
  5. Adam Gase really is the savior of this franchise. First, he hired JD to orchestrate a mass influx of talent over several years. Next, have JD sign White to the practice squad. Gase KNEW the only way to get him onto the field would be to eliminate the remaining quarterbacks. First was Darnold. Purposely not mentoring him made it a no-brainer to move on from him after the 2020 season. Then, win just enough games to miss out on TLawrence and have to settle for Zach. Gase was there for Darnold’s ghost game against the Pats. He knew full well there was no way Zach Wilson out of BYU could make it passed Bill Belicheat alive. Zach perished, Mike White was subsequently promoted to starter, and the rest is history. #GaseEffect
  6. To this point, I think a lot of teams just aren’t that good. They don’t have defenses or run games to support lackluster QB play for extended periods of time, and so instead of improving the other aspects of the team, they just foolishly plunge themselves into a futile game of musical QBs, rarely improving things for the new QB in town. i.e. Indy, Den, Car, Hou, Was (in recent years)
  7. Because moronic politics, that’s why. Same reason Saleh vehemently underplayed White’s performance. “He played in the system and did the easy things easily.” BS. He had the best QB performance this season by far. If he did everything you expected him to do, then shame on you for waiting to play him. We’d have won that pats game and been atop our division. People wouldn’t shut up about the Zach Wilson-Josh Allen comparison this past year and a half, yet Mike White turning into a Jimmy Garrapolo is somehow out of the realm of possibility. Why? Cuz he was on the practice squad for a bit? If Mike White plays competent these next two weeks, the QB situation will officially be less about Zach and more about White. Should White Lightning lead us to marginal success in the playoffs, I don’t know how you don’t roll with him as the bona fide starter next year. If you get cute and try to force Zach because of draft politics, it’ll most likely backfire like the Trey Lance situation.
  8. I think, at the very least, our 3rd down conversation rate will remain much higher with White. That alone will help the offense function and win some of these games for us. With a system QB like White playing, it’s really up to MLF to dictate how this offense dictates a game.
  9. But… Zach blows even against not actual defenses. There is no better option. We at least know White is capable of running the offense we have. Zach is not.
  10. When Ty Johnson ran in for the final score, I almost began to feel bad for the Bears’ players and fans. Then I remembered that is how everyone surrounding this organization has felt nearly every game for the past 10 years.
  11. Noticed for the first time today that Washington is 7-5. NYG also 7-4. Similar situation on NFC side.
  12. Pass D's coming up are bad to below average. Viking's pass D is supposedly one of the worst in the league, minus their ints. I think if White Lightning can show that he's really learned from last year and play smart/limit mistakes, we should be fine winning any remaining game on our schedule. What we can't afford is to lay an egg against Lions, Jags or Seahawks. Our D needs to take care of business those games and win handily. Win those 3 at least and we'll be at 10 wins.
  13. Mike White will play Minnesota next week. Besides, it does not matter if Mike White plays below average - Zach Wilson cannot play QB right now. CS would be fools to pull White after only a couple games.
  14. Feel like MLF has done more bootlegs/rollouts for MW this game than he has for Zach all year lmao.
  15. Lol this season's going to come down to our defense not recovering a fumble.
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