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  1. Lots of special snowflakes in this thread. #BringBackDWC At least he was worth a good laugh.
  2. I'll take this trade every time and hope I'm wrong but can't wait for Minnesota to show that it was all Gase's fault regarding Herndon. Oh well! We got another 4th. GJ JD.
  3. Carter needs to get in the passing game i.e. Darren Sproles
  4. Safeties as linebackers are nice and all but those two rookies are going to get pushed back all season.
  5. If there were ever a year for the Jets to finally make history and beat the Beagles it would be this year.
  6. Highly doubt they would bring in anyone. They are going with young corners, no reason to believe Saleh won’t run with the younger/less experienced linemen we have. Does anyone know where exactly JFM has been playing? Saw him inside a bit vs giants but has he been outside at all?
  7. Not sure what you mean here but this is a sport we are talking about. A game. Don’t know what else would qualify as “adversity” in this setting.
  8. Hoping half of these posts are sarcastic because this is just pathetic. Like Lawson but he hasn’t even played a snap for us. Everyone is acting like we just lost a prime JJ Watt who was definitively going to have 22 sacks this season and push us into the playoffs. Lawson repeating a <10 sack season was certainly in the realm of possibility. This is why I just do NOT like fans and the media over hyping players in the off season when we were 2-14 last season. Hope he gets well soon. At least Q is back, I’ll look forward to watching him improve even more, even if against double teams.
  9. This is really the most frustrating thing. Really hoping at least one of three things happen: Rankins really shows up along side Q, Q gets demonstrably better, or Saleh really is a D-line wizard and Huff/JLM/younger guys take leaps.
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