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  1. 22 minutes ago, LIJetsFan said:

    OK 2 things I'm hearing:

    1. I like Zack but.....

    2. He's the best of all the rookie QB's so far...

    It's starting to sound like how Sam was characterized.  How long before we begin to hear....he's a nice young man.

    Crap!  Is the writing on the wall already?  Did we draft Sam Darnold 2.0?  I know it's way to early but I was hoping for better than this by now.    

    At this point, regardless of all the Zach  blasting, I am just hoping things “click” for him and he takes over a game or two to finish out the year.  I think he has yet to play well for an entire game (even the Titans game he started a bit sloppy), so that’s really all I’m looking for this season.

    If he doesn’t, then he’ll have to make the jump in the off season somehow.  Either way we’re on the Zach train for a couple years.

    Maybe we just need to wait until he can grow facial hair and everything will click.

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  2. 22 minutes ago, Hal N of Provo said:

    Wrong.  It’s not just generic “flashes” 

    I say he looks good against easier to recognize zone defenses.  I think he looks tentative and confused against many looks, but he’s throwing less picks as the season goes on.  

    He has lots of nice longer passes.  Plenty of high level completions.  

    it’s not unreasonable to think he will get more comfortable with NFL defenses and disguised looks.  

    They are generic flashes.  I'd argue against him having plenty of high level completions.  A lot of his 15-30 yd completions have been to open receivers on post/dig routes.  These completions are expected from any starting QB in this league.  Not saying he's done a bad job there, but these are not flashes.  Yes, he's had a few longer balls that I'd consider high level (long ball to Davis vs Titans comes to mind, also a few good corner route completions).  

    But these simply don't matter when he consistently misses simple slant/screen/out routes and stalls out the offense.  I'm not saying he's not improving, because he is, and I think he can continue to do so.  But a lot of people around here are acting like he's dropping bombs into bread baskets between all his miss fires.  It's simply not the case.


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  3. Didn't we already go through this whole "FLASHES" narrative with Darnold?

    I don't understand why it is being held onto so tightly now.  It's about the only thing being said to excuse Zach's horrible play.  Zach better be good next season, that's all I know.  Darnold was only given 2 1/2 years with MUCH worse offensive talent, and he had to experience a coaching/OC change.  Zach won't have to deal with that.

    Also remember, despite Darnold's idiotic play, his "FLASHES" were shown multiple times across MULTIPLE WEEKS in his first 2 years.

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  4. Tbh at this point AVT, Moore and Carter seem like the only definitive young studs to build around.  With the doctor now at RG over Van Rotten, we now have some options at O-line.  

    If you figure Moses isn’t coming back (who knows) we are then relying on Becton to stay healthy (perfectly fine with Fant at LT or RT). AVT is a lock.  Would probably look to upgrade C or RG (maybe move McGovern moves over depending on how the Doc plays long term).


    WRs are whatever.  Davis has sucked so far but he’ll probably stick around another year or 2.  I’d personally bring Cole back next year as #3/4 if Mims continues to be a no show.  RB committee is really whatever as well.

    My preferred draft would be (possible trade down) OL and TE with 2/4 of our first picks, and heavily defense the rest of the draft.

    Offense really just comes down to the QB at this point. The OL is starting to gel and LaFluer is earning his paycheck.

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  5. 1 minute ago, GreenFish said:

    Certain players are getting better which is good to see.

    The Philly game should be a good barometer. Our defense plays well against QBs who tend to hold onto the ball. I could see us having some success on defense. But I'm just not seeing how we score more than 14 or so points. I'm expecting a repeat of the Miami game.

    As long as I’ve been a Jets fan, I’ve sweat bullets every time we play against a mobile quarterback.  Not to mention Philly is number 1 in rushing if I recall.  Hopefully they call stupid plays and make Hurts throw a lot, otherwise it could get ugly.

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  6. 22 hours ago, tfine said:


    Josh Johnson and Mike White are not rookies. The plays that they’ve been asked to execute they probably seen a hundred times…on many different teams. Zach is being asked to execute these for the first time. It may take a couple of years to fix his accuracy ala Josh Allen, but once he fixes it he will be the franchise QB. I don’t know what it is with Jets rookie QBs..it seems like they have a very short leash…..and any progress they make it a step forward and every mistake is like 10 steps back….other teams fans expect this….but not here.

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    I don’t understand this.  Were Sanchez, Geno and Darnold given “short” leashes?  Geno only started 2 years so maybe…but would you have wanted to stick with any of those 3 for longer?

    What good teams stick with struggling young QBs and have it work out for them?  Sure the Bills with Allen and the Colts 20 years ago.

    Not the Giants, not the Cardinals, not the Browns, not the Eagles, not the Broncos, not the Rams, not the Titans, not the Buccs, not the WFT, not the Jags.  Just within the last handful of years.  If you can’t deal with things (at all in Wilson’s case), it is very unlikely things magically turn around.

    Now I’m fine rolling with Wilson into next year (assuming he doesn’t implode any further this year), but that’s only because I think we need to dump all of our  energy and resources into the rest of this roster.  But any fan worth their salt has the right to complain and demand change because Wilson’s play has been nothing short of disgusting so far.  It is single-handedly damaging this team’s growth and holding back a lot of our young players.

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  7. 16 minutes ago, Jets Voice of Reason said:

    In terms of fan sentiment, if Wilson never got injured, we'd have a million threads blaming the system, the OC, the OL, the receivers, or some combination of everything. Watching 3 backup QBs look way better operating the system than the #2 overall pick just has made it abundantly obvious that he has a lot of flaws to work through and that he was butchering the system as it was meant to be played. I think he can still do it, but it's by no means a guarantee. He has a lot of working through his issues to do.

    *Zach gets sacked, gets nearly intercepted on a short route and over throws Moore on a screen for a 3 and out


    Meanwhile our offense had the most ypg for 4 weeks in a row without Zach and the holy trinity of back-up QBs in White, Johnson and Flacco. We are all saying how good Moore is now, but what were we saying 4-5 weeks in with Zach at the helm?  He was a “non-factor.”

    Besides, it was all Ty Johnson’s fault.

  8. 1 hour ago, doitny said:

    its Namath and then Gastineau as the only Jets to be " larger than life " 

    no other player in history can match them 2 in that category. 

    I think Revis was a great role model for today’s youth to look up to.

    money > everything else

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  9. 1 hour ago, Warfish said:

    "Building a program" is the General Manager's job.  

    "Executing the program" is the Head Coach's job.

    Not going to belabor this point, but the more I hear from Saleh, the less faith I have in his future.

    He is far too comfortable, secure and cozy sitting at 2-8 than any NFL Head Coach should be.

    Even in year 2.5 of the JD "Rebuild".

    At this point I have more faith in JD than in Saleh.  Draft injuries and some underperforming FAs are most of the issues with JD so far, but he's given us so much damn draft capital, cap space, and promising rookies that I'm still optimistic.

    But Saleh is responsible for making the Zach experiment work out, and this team has been nothing short of trash all year minus 2 games.  The defensive collapse these last 4 weeks is a microcosm of this coaching staff's inability imo.  Hopefully they can make the jump from ineptitude like LaFluer has done from the start of the season.

    The rest of their schedule is the easiest in the league.  If they end like the "optimistic" 2019 Gase year, I will be optimistic.  But if the defense continues literally not showing up and Zach shows little to no growth, I will have little faith in Saleh moving forward.

  10. 2 hours ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

    The emergence of Moore/Carter/AVT helps the Jets pivot more to defense this year. 

    But with 2 picks in the top 10 and and 2 picks in the 2nd round (thank you Sam), we should be able to address both sides of the ball. I doubt it's 4 Defense or 4 offense and likely depends on who is available. 

    But I would bet the Jets take an elite CB/Edge with 1 of the 1st 2 picks. I would also bet the Jets take a TE with one of the 2nd round picks. 

    For all the hate on JD, he generally makes smart decisions with the respect to the use of draft capital.Meaning, when it's clear we need to bolster the OL, he goes after becton/AVT early. When we need a QB, we go after Wilson Early. When we need WR help, we use 2nd round picks in back to back years. 

    Prior GMs would have scooped up the Safety or Nose tackle that was graded highest on Mel Kiper's board. 

    I agree.  Honestly I think FA this year is almost more important than the draft.  This team is young and needs to add quality veterans, something JD hasn’t had much success doing so far (probably his most glaring issue/possibly only real issue).  Money NEEDS to be spent on the defense, I don’t care how badly Saleh wants to train the young secondary.

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  11. 17 minutes ago, Mike135 said:

    I let 'em rotate back and forth until one seizes the job.

    But this week it'd be Zach.  See if he has learned to take the short stuff while he watched White/Johnson do it well for a couple weeks.

    Yeah, if Zach sh*ts the bed again, no reason why he should keep starting if he hasn't learned anything.  What happened to everyone not wanting to throw a rookie QB out to the wolves?  Now they're all gung-ho about getting him playing time? 

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  12. 23 hours ago, Paradis said:

    I find the Joe Douglas era to be quite perplexing.... 

    Ignoring the odd timing of his hire and the Gase situation there, on paper his plan and moves are fairly competent.

    • Salary cap has been managed well (think we all wanted some splash FAs, but prudent decisions were made),
    • he always comes out of trades on top
    • got out of the Darnold situation effectively,
    • We have LT, new LG, young playmakers in the secondary, cut out the weeds elsewhere
    • People seem like the Wilson/Moore/Carter approach.... 

    The draft classes have been dicey -- but this team is epically bad right now, and it shouldn't be. I don't know what the fck to say anymore.

    Good outline. Very perplexing.  JD drafts have been “dicey” but it’s only been 1 year and a half so far.  Even with Mac’s horrendous drafting and free agencies we were much more competitive.

    This is why I feel it comes down to coaching.  It has to.  Our roster may be bad, but these are still professional athletes playing in the NFL.  Everyone’s seen what’s happened with the offense. The first 4 weeks were INCOMPETENT.  Like we just found some muscular dudes before the game and told them to go run around.  Zach had no idea what was going on, and neither did anyone else.  Now look at the defense.  An absolute train wreck.  Run defense is the only thing we’ve been halfway decent at these past 10 years and now that we have our “most talented D-Line since the sack exchange” it’s gone to sh*t?  It’s the coaching.

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