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  1. Lions actually are not bad on offense look where they are liste
  2. The Jets need to go get a competitive passer this offseason. We cannot bring this PeeWee sh*t to the yard each week. I'll take Gallapogos or Russel Wilson - really anyone in the top 15 of the NFL. However if we can play our cards right our FA options are much better. The Jets are immediately in the playoffs wihtout question and perhaps even a SB run. TLDR throw money at Rogers and tell him he can fake the vaccine here in NY.
  3. How is this better than anyone on the roster? I would say without question Zach Wilson is the worst QB in the NFL (starting). He will be off the team in 2 years. Listen - I have no problems with Sam leaving but Im tired of the home run swing and misses. Its really screwing up the entire team. Imagine coming to play every week knowing that even if you played the absolute best you could the below was the output from your QB. SWIPE LEFT
  4. Can someone enlighten me as to why Mac Jones isn't in consideration for pick number 2? Is the consensus that he cannot create with his legs the same way Wilson or Fields can? Why do most seem to disregard all of the intangibles and basic fundamentals that he possesses? I mean he has a commanding presence in the pocket, has a strong mental as well as arm strength. His accuracy is pretty amazing, therefore it begs the question why is he not projected ahead of the non Trevor Lawrence QBs?
  5. Would you hate or like the idea of this transaction. Atlanta Falcons receive Jets Round 1 Pick 2 Round 5 pick New York Jets receive Atlanta Round 1 Pick 4 Matt Ryan I wouldn't mind Matt and Sam fighting for the spot next year with likely Sam sitting and playing under him for a year while we draft a solid team to get back to the playoffs. If Sam makes big strides in preseason or if Matty Ice goes down, than at least we have him evaluated prior to next years draft. The other option is trade Sam for a 2, after we make the trade and have Matt Ryan start. M
  6. Begging your favorite team to go winless is embarrassing and ****s with your psyche. We as Jet fans hex ourselves, I get expecting to get Lawrence if Jets had the 1st pick, but the Jets should never be in that spot. They should have beat the Pats, Raiders, even the Chargers and I would be shocked if they dont beat the pats in the final week. The Jets are not 1st overall pick bad and had there been a full normal preseason and no covid optouts they would have been much more competitive throughout the year. I expected 6 - 8 wins and knew we were rebuilding around Sam. We just came to the same res
  7. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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