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  1. I'm a fan of another team who got on here because I have tickets for a Jets game vs my team (Arizona) in October. I'll say this..sports are extremely important because they UNIFY communities. I see it every Sunday in the fall. You know what color is important on Gameday?? Red (for me anyway) and for you all Green. I don't give a flying crap who you are ... I see you in Red, you're my brother. (don't get me wrong, I don't have issues with anyone on other days) I'm just saying sports makes it easy to forget differences and join together on similarities. I think we all agree our nation nee
  2. Our off-season has been amazing!! I was sitting here at work when I got the notification that we had traded David Johnson to Houston...I thought "well, that's good". And then I got a notice that Houston was taking his entire salary, and I thought "Hmmmm, better!!". And THEN I said they are taking his entire salary AND giving us DeAndre Hopkins and I about fell out my chair. I'll never understand that, but I'll take it anyway. And then getting Isaiah Simmons AND Josh Jones in the draft?? I believe the Cardinals are going to be making significant noise in 2020!!!
  3. Thanks! Man I cannot wait for football! IMG_7667.MOV
  4. There is nothing realistic that says the Jets will beat the Cardinals on the mere presence of a healthy Sam Darnold. I'm pretty sure Sam Darnold, healthy or otherwise, will do nothing to stop Murray, Hopkins, Fitzgerald, Drake, & Kirk.
  5. Awesome.... I'm staying in Jersey City in an AirBNB, so I think it'll be Uber to get to the stadium. My brother, who lives in PA ( and who is a NY Jets fan) will be meeting my wife and I there. Hope something works out... so far I've been able to hook up with a tailgate at every road game I've gone to, and all have been amazing. So far, in my own experience, the Oakland Raiders have been the best road tailgate experience. Not what I expected, but they were awesome...set the bar very high, but I'm sure NYers can rise to the occasion. If you are ever looking for a tailgate @ Stat
  6. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  7. Good Morning Jets Nation! I am an Arizona Cardinal fan (season ticket holder) who travels to road games every year to see my Cards and this I've chosen the Oct. 11th. game vs the Jets Every year I do this, I always link up with a local group to tailgate pre-game. We've done this in Cincinatti, Oakland, St.Louis, Buffalo, SF, Chicago, Philly, Baltimore..... always had a good time and met great fans from other cities. More than happy to contribute to the tailgate financially or with food/beverage contribution. If anyone is a regular tailgater and would be willing to host some ou
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