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  1. I wasn’t, and I’m embarrassed. Mental slip on Moon. You are right!
  2. Yes. They spent all that money, they want to play with their toy. I get it. It’s fun for them.
  3. Waiting around for some owners learning curve to improve? Ugh. Why can’t they just stay out of the way?
  4. Thanks for the response, SAR I. You gave a little clue there with your KC reference. CJ’s endorsement does point to an extended grace period for Gase. Curious, in your opinion, why always the rash of injuries for the Jets? It’s beyond frustrating. I agree that we haven’t seen the “team” on the field because so many are hurt. From what I have seen and from his history I think Gase is the wrong guy. Even his demeanor leaves me cold. His lack of sideline fire and his sullenness. It matters to me. As for the fans, welcome to NY/NJ. Sad to see today Jets/Giants at very bottom of power rankings.
  5. The relentless Gase apologist. Hey, I get it, despite his $$$ I feel sorry for the guy. But, he’s going. You know it, I know it. It may be unfair, even unwise, he’s soon to be on the Jets “no-fly list”. Curious ... who would YOU replace him with ... if the worst should happen?
  6. Yes. I lived there for 20 years. Deep down though I’ve been secretly Jets since the JoE Willy-era. They will rise again. It is always darkest ... before the dawn!
  7. And as I learned long ago, the year I bailed on the Tampa Bay Bucs after season after season of futility, they won the Super Bowl! I live in NYC now and am Jets do or die!
  8. Property Bros. are no Chip and Joanna!
  9. However if you faced the things Sam does out there you would pee your pants.
  10. but his absence was noticeable today.
  11. That’s what I was thinking. This is more than PPE, he’s hiding behind it.

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