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  1. That topic appears daily here in some form or another, ad nauseum.
  2. I had to look it up to see when I came to JN. May, 2020. In 2007 I moved to Manhattan. Seems like the Giants won the Super Bowl shortly thereafter, but I just couldn’t get into them. I always liked Namath as a kid. The white shoes, the playboy image. I realized that deep-down I was probably made to be a Jets fan, so I hitched my star to them and here I am. I live an “arty” life among creative types in the city where being a football fan doesn’t always go over. It can get you shamed. My wife thinks it’s a waste of time. But, I love sports AND the arts! It can be done. I admit that J
  3. Thanks for your response. You obviously have lots of knowledge and ideas for improving the team. I was a little surprised you didn’t name anyone specifically of all those C and D candidates you allude to. I just wondered who you would plug-in if it were up to you. I’m curious to see if we can make headway and turn a corner as the season goes on. Not ready to write this regime off yet or fly the plane.
  4. So who should be our new GM, SAR? We get it that your disgruntled, but get specific about your fix plan if you would. Name names.
  5. It’s just show biz after all. And she nailed the high notes! Nicely done.
  6. Steve Young. Lefty, yes. My mistake in the mid-interpretation. Mormon. Fact. But your inclusion of it is not necessary and reveals your problem with it. Would you say someone was a Lutheran quarterback? Jewish? Shaun Ellis abrasive a-hole. Fact.
  7. So this kind of political referencing and religion-bashing is cool here?
  8. But why wait, I guess that’s what I don’t get.
  9. This place is so schizo. Last week Zach was “my Quarterback” and ready for induction into the HOF. Now you want to trade him. It’s just funny is all it is.
  10. Regardless of what the problem “really” was, Gase’s firing is still roundly celebrated.
  11. Nicely put. Do or die! J.E.T.S, Jets! Jets! Jets!
  12. So is this an argument about the two worst teams in the league?
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