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  1. That’s a wholesome version of an old adage.
  2. Golf might be the most pressure-filled.
  3. Would hate to lose him. Solid player. We need all the good ones we can get!
  4. Just hoping for fewer injuries this pre-season. Otherwise excited! Would like to see Morgan and White play, since we didn’t get to with Gase.
  5. No doubt Quinnen has the talent. I don’t know if he has the killer instincts Sapp did. Quinnen might be too nice. Big year ahead. Much shall be revealed.
  6. Sending positive energy and healing thoughts. Stay strong!
  7. Yeah, but as the saying goes ... if you leave New York, you have to live in America.
  8. What about Ryan Griffin? A couple of years back he seemed to surprise with his unexpected production, then last year, not so much. He’s 31. Is he done? Doesn’t seem to have many fans in here.
  9. My favorite thing I read here was that he plays well in cold weather!
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