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  1. One dropped pass and you’e done forever. Harsh. Throw was behind him, btw.
  2. As far putting the brakes on Carr, I think Woody believed Rodgers would put more fans in the seats at games and generate more $-generating buzz. Used Carr’s have limited curb appeal. Aaron on the side of caution.
  3. We need to keep him. He has talent. Just needs Eye of the Tiger.
  4. Yeah, but even if we make the playoffs it would be great. Been too long.
  5. You don’t want him. Disappointing since his Buc days.
  6. McRib out by halftime.
  7. Here’s what I don’t get. Why would we go after anyone who can’t stay on the field because of injuries? We can’t just wish, “maybe things’ll be different and he won’t get hurt anymore.” I mean, any player could get hurt anytime, but it seems foolish to risk a position of such importance on somebody who’s always hurt. Just saying. Mike White, same story.
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