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  1. There’s some truth in that. In Tampa I watched the Bucs suck for years until Hugh Culverhouse left and the team was sold to Malcolm Glaser. Suddenly everything changed. Same in baseball. The Rays sucked when Naimoli was the owner. Inept ownership is a crippler. Best hope for Jets is no Johnson’s in charge. This being said, I stick with them. At least Gase is gone.
  2. Maybe it’s the players?
  3. Mosely kept playing with an injured groin and it exacerbated the injury. Hope that doesn’t happen with Zach.
  4. I’m with you. This place seems very subject to wild mood swings and fits of despair. Some of it is understandable with the team’s long history of ineptitude, but I prefer to remain optimistic. If Zach continued to be terrible like last week, it would be cause for diminished enthusiasm, but I’ve seen enough signs of hope so far to make me believe he’ll be a good player given a chance to develop and shine. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m looking for incremental progress and noticeable improvement as the season unfolds. Go Jets!
  5. I think they are earnestly pursuing success, even if they have not achieved it thus far.
  6. The uniforms are pretty far down on the list of the Jets problems. But, if you’re going to suck, maybe it’s better to look good doing it?
  7. Wow. Heard Denzel called a dope, slow, dumb, lazy, stupid … but you loved him when he caught the forty yard bomb. The article explains his lack of college experience running complex route trees. It also points out his injury record and just how difficult the system is. All those casual put-downs are pretty ugly and uncomfortable. Among other things.
  8. 800 lb gorilla: Everything is contingent on Zach not getting hurt. That doesn’t feel very secure. What’s Plan B? Better than Fales was, I guess. Very excited for the year ahead, but hoping the kid survives.
  9. Feel better soon! Gangrene! Kind of appropriate if you think of it, for a Jets fan!
  10. Sending you positive healing vibes!
  11. Congrats on establishing a new angle for being annoying (and funny, admittedly) for the season ahead. You wore the old one out. Gase closed!
  12. Maybe we’ll get Chandler on the edge in a trade?
  13. Because we want to have a little fun and be optimistic before the season starts, not be mired in dour cynicism and downer vibes. We have the season to get depressed if/when things go south. Can we enjoy ourselves a little? WTF
  14. It’s a team. It can never hinge around one player. It does suck about Lawson, big time, but we go forward from here, and unexpected heroes will arise!
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