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  1. I think the jury is still out on McCagnan. He’s proven to be a bad GM, but if Darnold becomes the answer I don’t think you can put him on this list.
  2. 1) take away Sams Darnolds ghost game his TD/INT ratio would have been 19/8. If you take away the worst game from every QB they are going to look good 2) You don’t think a 21-22 year old has the greater likelihood to improve over a 36-37 year vet? 3)Decker and Marshall were great the year Fitz threw 31 TDs
  3. I want you all to understand this excercise. You don’t have to go by my criteria. You can pick four head coaches or 4 GMs. I’d just like to get a consensus.
  4. Who were the (4) worst Jets figures in history I’ll go with: 1) worst HC-Rich Kotite 2) worst GM-John Idzik 3) worst draft bust-Vernon Gholston 4) worst free agent signing-Neil ODonnell
  5. 1) Darnold never was as bad statistically as Fitz was in 2016 2) Darnold was a 21-22 year old kid-not a grizzled vet like Fitz 3) I don’t see Eric Decker or Brandon Marshall on this years team.
  6. 100 percent agree. It will be interesting to see how it impacts the sport. It certainly will be easier to execute on offense for the road team in tough environments like Buffalo, KC, Seattle, etc.
  7. The past decade of Jets football (since 2009-2010) has been a complete disgrace so it really is tough to defend. To the OPs point the media does certainly take pleasure in trolling the Jets. You know the ESPN broadcast this year on MNF Vs Pats is going harp on the buttfumble and seeing ghosts at nauseum.
  8. This is probably realistic although I think they are more likely to pin the blame on Gase and try to bring in another coach to fix him before cutting the chord. To me this is a Jameis Winston/Marcus Mariota situation in that the Jets are likely giving this kid the full five year rookie deal to figure it out.
  9. I think the smart play is to let Darnold play another couple of seasons and re-evaluate where he is before even thinking extension. He’s a very young player and the Jets are going to give him every chance to earn that second contract as they should.
  10. I don’t think anybody (players and teams) are in a rush to get these deals done. The off-season is already delayed-at this point there is no benefit in signing a deal now as opposed right before training camp.
  11. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to start this thread, but this enjoyable to watch
  12. Murray, Mayfield, and Allen should join him.
  13. The Raiders picked Ferrell ahead of him so it wasn’t just McCagnan. I think Josh Allen is another prime example of NFL scouts overthinking things. He was incredibly productive in the SEC, had all the athletic traits you look for, was a great kid, and played on a defense that didn’t have other NFL talent (so teams game planned against him). Yet for some reason all these geniuses started knocking him before the draft for not having the requisite “pass rush moves”.
  14. And then the following season he posted a 69 QBR and generally awful. The 2015 offense was pretty loaded with a good oline (DBrick, Mangold, got good years out Carpenter and Colon), Ivory, Decker, Marshall. I don’t see similar talent from what Darnold is working with.
  15. I think it further proves that the backup QB position could be adequately filled without investing too much. All that said you can never have too many QBs on the roster who can play (as the Jets saw last year).
  16. Flacco is coming off a serious injury and is probably done. I’m honestly surprised he even decided to play this year.
  17. Flacco was a decade long starter and won a super bowl. I’d sign up right now for Darnold to have the same career. I think the Eli comparison is spot on. Obviously Eli had the better career, but both were money in a big spot and both also ended their career on a sour note.
  18. Mt Rushmore of Jets QBs? Namath, OBrien, Pennington, Testaverde One can argue Fitzpatrick since he has all the single season passing records.
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