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  1. 13 hours ago, Warfish said:

    True enough. 

    Darnold's rookie year was close in some aspects (comp %, passing yards), but Fitz's TD to INT ratio in 2016 was just abysmal, mostly due to HIS "I see Ghosts" 6 INT game. 

    Sans that, Fitz was a 12/11 TD/INT ratio that year.

    Of course, I don't think we drafted Darnold to put up Fitz-like numbers did we?  We want much more.

    Until young age rewards us with extra points or something, I don't see it as an excuse for below average play. 

    If he was too young to start, he shouldn't have started.  

    If he did start, then he gets judged as a starting QB.  JMO.  

    We didn't really see them in 2016 either. 

    Decker played 3 ineffective games and was gone, injured. 

    Marshall returned back into his 2014 self and completed his steep decline on the way out of the NFL.  2015 was his last gasp as a pro.

    1) take away Sams Darnolds ghost game his TD/INT ratio would have been 19/8. If you take away the worst game from every QB they are going to look good

    2) You don’t think a 21-22 year old has the greater likelihood to improve over a 36-37 year vet?

    3)Decker and Marshall were great the year Fitz threw 31 TDs

  2. On 5/23/2020 at 8:21 AM, Warfish said:

    It's always funny to me who gets fan excuses and who doesn't.

    I guess folks forget the front office screwups that previous offseason, the rampant injuries that season, and the Fitz was generally ok outside one horrific INT filled game.  Same excuses Darnold gets now, except Jets fans, for some reason, just hate Fitz, hated him even after his great season here, hell, most here didn't even want him resigned.  /shrug

    Darnold has at least as good a roster now as Fitz had.  So we'll see what he does with it.

    1) Darnold never was as bad statistically as Fitz was in 2016

    2) Darnold was a 21-22 year old kid-not a grizzled vet like Fitz 

    3) I don’t see Eric Decker or Brandon Marshall   on this years team. 

  3. 16 hours ago, SAR I said:

    In the stadium, no, there shouldn't be any faked crowd noise.  This could lead to a stadium sound guy influencing the outcome, can't have that.

    On TV however, we need a) crowd noise, b) on field reporters, and c) CGI crowd effects.  It's not hard to make a game look like it's being played in a full stadium, so the networks should do just that.

    SAR I

    100 percent agree. It will be interesting to see how it impacts the sport. It certainly will be easier to execute on offense for the road team in tough environments like Buffalo, KC, Seattle, etc. 

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  4. The past decade of Jets football (since 2009-2010) has been a complete disgrace so it really is tough to defend. To the OPs point the media does certainly take pleasure in trolling the Jets. You know the ESPN broadcast this year on MNF Vs Pats is going harp on the buttfumble and seeing ghosts at nauseum. 


  5. 23 hours ago, Irish Jet said:

    Definitely needs to show more before we invest the franchise in him completely. Can't have another Sanchez situation. 

    If he doesn't have a much improved season then I think we bring in a competitive 2nd QB for 2021. Doubt we'll draft one high unless we've been so bad that we're in top 3 territory and Lawrence/Fields are on the board. 

    Confident he will improve if he stays healthy. Still worried about the line and Gase.


    This is probably realistic although I think they are more likely to pin the blame on Gase and try to bring in another coach to fix him before cutting the chord. 

    To me this is a Jameis Winston/Marcus Mariota situation in that the Jets are likely giving this kid the full five year rookie deal to figure it out. 

  6. I think the smart play is to let Darnold play another couple of seasons and re-evaluate where he is before even thinking extension. 

    He’s a very young player and the Jets are going to give him every chance to earn that second contract as they should.

  7. On 5/21/2020 at 10:42 AM, Warfish said:

    Going into his 16th season as an NFL Quarterback.

    32,000+ Passing Yards.  210 Passing TD's.  

    Sure, he never won literally anything, ever, and is rightly famous for being the lucky bastard who gets a job because his starting QB gets hurt.

    But credit where it's due, it's hard enough to get a QB job at all in the NFL. Harder still a starters job.  Hardest of all is to stay in the league, a league with an average career of 3-4 years, for over a decade and a half......as a 7th round pick from Harvard.

    Let me tell you, if our new 4th round pick Morgan can last 16 years in the NFL and play at Fitz's level when/if needed, I'd be very happy.

    And a reminder, the 2nd best overall production season by a NY Jets QB remains 2015 by Fitzy. 

    3,900 yards, 31 TD's, 15 INT's, 59.6% Comp. rate, and a 10-6 record.

    Only Joe Namath in 1967 (slightly better in yards, worse in most other stats) and Ken O'Brien in 1985 even come close.

    I'd kill to have our vaunted Sam Darnold put up 3,900 yards, 31 TD's and a 10 win season.

    And then the following season he posted a 69 QBR and generally awful. 

    The 2015 offense was pretty loaded with a good oline (DBrick, Mangold, got good years out Carpenter and Colon), Ivory, Decker, Marshall. I don’t see similar talent from what Darnold is working with. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    This doesn't make sense to me.  What does Flacco (signed to a 1-year deal) have anything to do with Morgan (big armed prospect cheaply under contract for the next 4 years)?

    I think it further proves that the backup QB position could be adequately filled without investing too much. All that said you can never have too many QBs on the roster who can play (as the Jets saw last year). 

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  9. 1 hour ago, win4ever said:

    A great signing! A numbers post.


    Passer Rating: 85.1
    QBR: 48.7
    DVOA: 29th
    PFF: 67.2
    Y/A: 7.0
    Y/G: 227
    TD%: 2.3
    INT%: 1.9
    Turned 35 this year

    Andy Dalton:
    Passer Rating: 78.3
    QBR: 40.1
    DVOA: 26th
    PFF: 66.3
    Y/A: 6.6
    Y/G: 268
    TD%: 3
    INT: 2.7
    Will be 33 later this year.

    Yet, I see places like Rotoworld with this quote on Flacco “If he does nail down the No. 2 job, he will be one of league’s worst backups”.

    This is the blurb on signing Dalton “The Cowboys now have quality insurance as Dalton would be able to put up quality numbers in this stacked offense, and it comes at a very affordable cost”

    Flacco cost pretty much half of Dalton.

    Walter Football (Yes I know, useless) ranked Flacco 11th FA QB this year, Dalton 13th.

    Why does Flacco get sh*t on, but Dalton was a quality signing?

    Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

    Flacco is coming off a serious injury and is probably done. I’m honestly surprised he even decided to play this year.

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  10. Flacco was a decade long starter and won a super bowl. I’d sign up right now for Darnold to have the same career. 

    I think the Eli comparison is spot on. Obviously Eli had the better career, but both were money in a big spot and both also ended their career on a sour note. 

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  11. 14 hours ago, NYDreamer said:

    His first 2 years with this team, Tannenbaum built a solid team with an offensive line, running game, and brought in veteran WR's to help Mark out.  It was smart, the way you help a young QB out.  There was a lot of excitement with Mark including the first pass he threw to Clowney down the sideline in preseason from our end zone.  After that we drafted defense defense defense and stopped providing the necessary tools for Mark to succeed.  We learned he is not the player that makes those better around him but that the team makes him look better which is fine.  Tannebaum failed to follow up on that philosophy.  

    If he won a super bowl for the Jets lets face it, his face would be on the Mount Rushmore of Jets QB's and not remembered for his face imprinted on the buttocks of Brandon Moore.

    Mt Rushmore of Jets QBs?

    Namath, OBrien, Pennington, Testaverde 

    One can argue Fitzpatrick since he has all the single season passing records.

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