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  1. If by blue chip, you mean top 1-15 players at their position in terms of actual ability judged by last seasons performance and not future ability (eg young players).  The answer is basically zero.  Fant, JFM and CmG  are probably the closest.
    Mosley isnt even close to being a top 15 lber anymore.
    I’m kinda hoping AVT, Becton, Moore and QW moves up into that rank this year, but well hope springs eternal.

    Blue-chip is roughy top 1-8 at the position. 15 would be average. I would argue a Mosley who got 150+ tackles last season is closer to blue-chip than McGovern, despite why PFF tells you. AVT is a blue-chip to me, and Moore is counts as half since he can ball if his QB plays well.

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  2. I think this will be an interesting talking point, so I want to open it up here so everyone can participate.
    How many “blue-chip” players do the Jets have on offense? How many do they have on defense?
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    For those wondering why I asked, it’s because the Jets have a chance to potentially add 2-3 “blue chip” talents in the draft with their early picks.

    No, the Jets don’t have 5+ blue-chippers, but they also don’t have zero. Right now, I’d say they have 1.5 to 2, (AVT and Moore). They have none on defense. They absolutely need to add more of these types of players this draft cycle. Players I consider “blue-chip” talent in this draft:

    - Kayvon Thibodeaux
    - Ikem Ekwonu
    - Kyle Hamilton
    - Ahmad Gardner
    - Aidan Hutchinson
    - Evan Neal
    - Garrett Wilson
    - Jameson Williams
    - Tyler Linderbaum
    - Jermaine Johnson
    - Derek Stingley Jr.

    No reason the Jets couldn’t get two of them at 4 and 10, and then trade back up into Rd1 for the third. Or, if they are lucky, they can have Linderbaum fall to them at 35/38.

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  3. We have a bunch of blue chip talent : Zach, Elijah, Michael Carter, AVT, Becton etc.
    And at least 2 or 3 more blue chippers will be here in less then 3 weeks.
    Thank you Joe Douglas!  Thank you!!

    Very optimistic. I’ll give you AVT and Moore.

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  4. Thread Intent:
    To highlight the level of suck of the New York Jets
    Thread Reaction:
    Yeah we know dude, happy friday

    Intent: to find out how people feel about the top tier talent on the roster.

    I think the roster sucks, actually. I also don’t think it has any many blue-chip talents as some people here think, but I don’t think there are zero.

    Happy Friday, though. Have a good weekend!

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  5. 17 hours ago, genot said:

    If Jacksonville doesn't draft Walker, the Jets will trade with Detroit and draft him. Let the lions take a chance with KT. For all those talking about J.J. What we're his sack numbers at Georgia. What happened  when he transferred to FSU. There's a reason why he transferred. 

    No, they won't. Jets are HIGHLY unlikley to move from 4, whether up or back. They will like 4 people enough to stay put and take who falls to them. Walker is very green in terms of his pass rush plan, but his athletic numbers are obviously impressive. If he's there at 4, I could see it, but certainly not worth trading up from 4 to get.

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  6. It is very unlikely they take any DB at 4, or even 10. They will prioritize a trench player (OL or DL) and a playmaker first, in my opinion. Saleh’s love for DJ Reed is infectious, and he will certainly give him every opportunity to be CB1. Hall and Echols will likely enter a competition for CB2 and Michael Carter II is your SCB1. They will probably add a corner on Day 2, but I’m still not even sure about that. They believe they can win with Day 3 talent at corner if they have blue chip pieces up front.

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  7. Jermaine Johnson put up a 10’5” at 254 and Karlaftis a 10’1” at 266
    All of that plus no vert is concerning.

    He also had a longer broad than Hutchinson by 2”. The subtle difference an inch here or there mean absolutely nothing. People use it to solidify their narrative instead of taking it for what it is. 1” below the minimum threshold of an elite broad for an edge defender, not bad at all.

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