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  1. Absolutely! Look at his work this offseason. He has saved his technique that was getting ruined by horrendous OL play. With even just an AVERAGE offensive line, Darnold will be amazing. I wrote a piece on this very topic yesterday, about how Darnold is the most unfairly disrespected QB in the entire NFL. https://sidelinesports.report/2020/07/10/sam-darnold-is-the-most-underrated-and-disrespected-qb-in-the-nfl/
  2. Jamal Adams for La'el Collins? Perspective from both Jets and Cowboys, and their fanbases: https://sidelinesports.report/2020/06/26/jets-want-rt-lael-collins-from-cowboys/
  3. Perspective from both the Jets and the Cowboys organizations, and their fans, on a possible Jamal Adams for La'el Collins trade: https://sidelinesports.report/2020/06/26/jets-want-rt-lael-collins-from-cowboys/
  4. Screw Jamal! Lets help out Sam Darnold! I wrote a quick piece on 3 possible Jamal Adams trade scenarios that I'd love to see Joe Douglas pursue. would mean a ton if you'd check it out! Thank you! https://sidelinesports.report/2020/06/19/3-jamal-adams-trade-scenarios/
  5. I wrote an article yesterday about my take on Jamal's relationship with Joe Douglas and my opinion and what will transpire:
  6. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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