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  1. So how does it currently work? Does Gase report to JD or Johnson? And if Gase is fired who is in charge of hiring the new coach JD or Johnson?
  2. Honestly, I would rather him be impressive on the field lol. But yes he has shown veteran leadership.
  3. No. Stop paying RBs big money. They are very replaceable. Look at what a waste of money Bell was last year.
  4. It's rule number 2. Rule number 1: thank God for all the achievements you personally worked your ass off your whole life to accomplish.
  5. I still don't like it when a player makes a comment like that. It shows weakness. And players and coaches should never show weakness to their opponents, it just provides the opponents and their fans with confidence.
  6. I just started following the Jets so I wanted to get people's opinions on this video.
  7. I agree. The NFL stands to lose too much money if their is no season, so I also think their will be one. Even though right now the NFL doesn't look to have any plan I think they'll figure something out.
  8. Lol obviously. I just meant if they cancel the season then no player would lose money if they felt unsafe to play. Whereas if there is a season...they're damned either way.
  9. Level 5: drops his car keys in the truck stop toilet after taking a massive nasty dump and is too grossed out to put his hand in to grab them so he can't make it to the Superbowl.
  10. One thing I'll think will be interesting of note: determining the value of draft picks this upcoming year will be difficult and different than ever before. If there is no college football season then all players drafted will be based on last year's numbers which would skew things (think of Joe Burrow's and Jordan Love 's value change in 1 year). However if there is no NFL season then the value of picks is higher relative to a year of a player not playing. I don't know, but if their is no college football season, I think teams will end up with steals in the draft that only become apparent afte
  11. Btw, if you're all curious as to why I'm asking such an obscure question it's cause I'm looking into cheering for an NFL team in New York (I live in Toronto and don't like the Bills - but I love NYC) and I need to choose between the Jets and the Giants.
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