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  1. Hey Jets fans, taking a look down and seeing you at the bottom just like a newspaper covered with bird poop. Hows the Darnold vs Allen argument going for you now. I admit Sam is dynamic in getting that stat inflating meaningless score to make your blowout look ever slightly more respectable. Lets see, Over 70% completion rate for over 730 yards, 6 TD’s 0 Int’s, 75 yards rushing and one more TD. He really needs to improve that low completion percentage. Lastly, for SAR 1, learn to love last place and to be the laughingstock of the NFL for the past, the present and the future. J (Just) E (end) T (this and every future) S (season) So glad your boy Chris Johnson sees Adam Gase “as a brilliant offensive mind) Check in next Sunday after you butt kicking by the Colts
  2. With the Bronco injuries of Von Miller and Cortland Sutton, am thinking Jets split with Dolphins and Patriots, beat Denver, possibly beat the Rams. See them losing twice to Buffalo, to KC, to Chargers, to 49ers, to Seahawks and Colts and Browns Games in question, Arizona, Raiders, Low 4-12, best case 7-9, probable 5-11
  3. The reason the Jets are rated so low is because of the following: 1. 2nd worse receiver group, ahead of only the Washington football team. 2. 5 new starters on the offensive line with two journeymen at G, a joke at RT in Fant, a slightly above average center and a promising rookie LT. 3. Horrible CB room, Desir, Austin and Poole are well below league average. 4. Constant injuries and a suspect training and medical staff 5. Horrible leadership from the owner, terrible coaching and culture. Jets have to overpay for free agents and their poor treatment of players was well documented last season. 6. Adam Gase, nothing more needs to be added to be honest based on having to play the AFC West and NFC west, see a 1-7 record in those games, 2-4 at best in the division and possible a split against Colts and Browns. Thinking is you will be 4-12, top 5 pick
  4. SAR 1, how do you envision the sorry group of offensive players you have to even put up 10 points. Sam seeing ghosts, Bell three steps slow, Periman injured, Mims no reps in camp, 5 new offensive line starters. Well you got Croder and Herndon, good luck. cant wait to post you after the game, doubt if you will respond to me
  5. I’m a diehard Bills fan to start off. So take anything I write with that Bias. But here is objective I can be about the match-up Jets offense vs Bills defense Jets May have improved their talent level on the line, but continuity is biggest factor in good line play. No offseason, no preseason will hurt the Jets in this game. Can see limited holes for Bell, Gore and Perine. Honestly I think Bell is done, the Bills know and respect Gore but he is old and slow. Perine is still dinged up with ankle. I can’t see Darnold being able to get anything going in the deep and intermediate passing game. Take the Jets lack of receiving talent, the Bulls superior secondary play force the Jets to base their passing offense to short throws to Crowder and Herndon. To me that is not the pathway for a successful sustained offense. Unless the Jets can get short field opportunities I don’t see them able to sustain drives and generate points. Bills Offense Vs Jets defense Have a lot of respect for Jets defensive line and feel this may be an advantage against Bills offensive line. But the lack of pass rush and poor corner play leave them open to a wide and diverse passing attack by Buffalo, Diggs, Brown, Beasley outmatch anything the Jets have at corner. I like your three safeties but your line backing is weak and even if your dline gets pressure can they really contain Allen on scrambles and broken plays. If Grego does his big blitz scheme your corners won’t be able to hold up and will probably get scorched. The only chance the Jets have is Singletary having ball security issues or bad Josh showing up. Honestly to be in the game the Jets would need to be +3 in turnover differential Special Teams - With rookie Tyler Bass forget about any kickoff returns, every ball is going thru the end zone. Bills special teams have excellent gunners in Neal and Jones, great punt returner in Andre Roberts (you remember him I think) and are only marginally weak at our punter. But he kicks high and can be lace the ball fairly well. Coaching Match-up - Adam Gase, is their anything else that needs to be written. My biased prediction is Bills 34 Jets 10, Bills get up 24-3 at half, coast in 2nd, give up late who cares TD against Bills back-ups
  6. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  7. After a review of 2020 salary and dead cap, here is a fair package (IMO), for Jamal Adams Jets trade Jamal Adams to Dallas and ask for in return Cee Dee Lamb - WR Tony Pollard - RB If you could expand the deal, Jets throw in Leveon Bell and Cowboys add OT Tyron Smith Jets add in basic deal a stud WR to go along with Mims and Crowder, and a young promising RB, and if the deal is expanded add a Pro Bowl OT to pair with Beckton and give Pollard the starting RB spot
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