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    In person, it would be the last game at the old stadium at the Meadowlands, Rex's first year. Bitter cold, but the Jets destroyed the Bengals and clinched a playoff spot.
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    The Mud Bowl.
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  1. He had one full offseason and one draft, so I'm not sure talking about the "last two years of Joe Douglas" is necessarily fair to him.
  2. For an organization that wants to build through the draft, isn't RB the most likely position where a team can build through the draft? You want the younger wheels that you can get in the mid-rounds. It seems antithetical to everything the Jets say they want to do.
  3. We get it. Fans, especially New York fans, hate rebuilds. It would be a lot easier to just throw money at older free agents, deal picks for veterans, and be a competitive 9 or so win team now, rather than go through the pain of sucking while letting young players develop. Truth is, Tannenbaum did it that way. It made the team competitive, but not a champion. Idzik and Maccagnan did not draft well enough for their "rebuilds" to have any steam. We've never actually seen a rebuild where the Jets have a front office that can draft well.
  4. I just don't see the Texans taking a deal where they trade Watson and don't get back the guarantee of the QB of their choosing. Carolina can offer a lot. But they can't offer them the choice of Wilson, Fields, etc. Even the Dolphins can't do that. Only the Jets can.
  5. OMG...what the hell was I thinking? Moron post by me. I wish to revise my previous statement.
  6. He's right about Jets fans. That said, I still want to get a #33 jersey with a nameplate that reads "TWO FIRSTS"
  7. This deal and the Goff trade show just how valuable a commodity cap space is in this market. The Lions got so much for Stafford because they took back Goff's contract. Meanwhile, Wentz goes for what would seem to be under market value because of his contract. In this market, cap space rules. And the Jets have a lot of it.
  8. The Super Bowl MVP award has largely become the "Winning QB of the Super Bowl Champion" award. And that likely will not change. Play QB, win the SB, and don't have an atrocious stat line, and you have a great shot at being MVP.
  9. Tom Brady has gotten hundreds...hundreds...of play clock resets over his career, and they take a Chiefs time out in that spot. That is flat out nuts.
  10. Just to show how little this guy knows about football, watch this. Now, I like Sewell, but Trapasso has no idea what he's looking at. Sewell gets beat, and his "recovery skills" are to give up inside leverage and then to egregiously hold. It's amazing how these guys can get a gig as a draft guru without really knowing the game.
  11. So this Trapasso guy, who has such a stellar reputation I had barely heard the name before today, evidently grew up a Bills fan. And he has Watson turning down a Jets trade to get dealt out of the Bills' division. Completely unbiased, I'm sure.
  12. That mock is moronic. It's saying that the Jets offer the most, but that Watson doesn't come here? The guy who has been hinting at wanting to come to the Jets, and HE turns it down? That's just a national football writer being blinded by his anti-Jets bias.
  13. Texans fans: Jets: Deshaun Watson, QB Texans: Entire franchise, including draft picks in perpetuity
  14. My sense is that in time, if the team has the success it hopes to, Douglas ascends to that role and grooms a GM.
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