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    History professor

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    In person, it would be the last game at the old stadium at the Meadowlands, Rex's first year. Bitter cold, but the Jets destroyed the Bengals and clinched a playoff spot.
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    The Mud Bowl.
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  1. Absolutely true. He wants to get traded, so he keeps opening his mouth and hurting his trade value. Genius.
  2. These fringe national media types take Jamal's side because it is always in fashion to take the side against the Jets. And if they can help the Jets get rid of a player of Adams' talent, it furthers their ability to LOLJets. That's all they want, LOLJets. And if they can help aid in that process, they're happy to do so.
  3. I'm not sure McGovern is of that level, but he is just hitting his prime and he's a top 10 center in the NFL. I'm good with him for a while.
  4. With this chemistry, I could see Clark being the long-term plan at LG next to Becton.
  5. My hope...my hope, hope, hope, is that Douglas had both a price tag for keeping Adams and a trade value he wanted to get if he dealt him. If Adams' comment was because of an offer, I hope it means some team met Douglas' trade price and this was his last attempt to keep Adams at his price.
  6. What always bothered me about the spygate punishments is that the league handed out its punishments before it visited Foxboro. Then it went up there, conducted an investigation, found a library of videos so bad they had to be destroyed, yet did not increase the penalties? That made no sense to me. Why were they not punished for what was uncovered and destroyed at Foxboro? If the tapes weren't incriminating, they wouldn't have been destroyed. If they were incriminating, there should have been an increase in penalties.
  7. I think the Cam signing is a pretty damning indictment of Stidham, honestly.
  8. In that case, it's the best thing Gase has done for the franchise. Should Gase get fired, I would think that the person Douglas hires should be reporting to him, and not directly to ownership. I do not like the current org chart.
  9. My issue with the Pats signing Cam is that he is the anti-Brady. Who was Brady? He was safe, accurate, he protected the football, made great reads, and lacked mobility or a huge arm. Cam is the exact opposite. He has a rifle and is extremely mobile, but he lacks accuracy and turns the ball over a ton. How does a team bring in a polar opposite of a QB and not have to change the system or go through an adjustment period?
  10. Those fans would take any chance to bash the Jets, sort of like the national media - and more than a few local beat writers.
  11. Organized. I played football from the time I was old enough (5 or 6) through four years of mediocre DIII OL play. I also played baseball, wrestled, and played golf. I went on to coach football at the youth, high school, and prep levels, line on both sides and one year calling the defense in HS. I played a ton of hockey, both street and pond, but never played it in an organized form. Now I'm doing some youth coaching for my son who is 8 and playing hockey.
  12. I could see that list. I don't see Shaw jumping, and I'm not sure if he would necessarily succeed if he did. Bieniemy is going to be a hot name on the market. If he came aboard and had a solid DC like Williams, that would put the team in pretty good shape. But it would have to be after this year. My sense is Bieniemy would, and should, be toward the top of any vacancies after this season.
  13. That's valid. If that were the case, do you go outside for the HC spot, or do you promote Williams? He is a stellar DC, but his time as the head cheese hasn't matched up. If you go with him, he needs to bring in a top OC. If you go outside the organization, does the new HC have full control to hire his own DC? Or does he have to keep Williams? Should the Jets get rid of Gase, they are in a no-win when it comes to DC. Either you are dumping a very good coordinator, or you are hamstringing your search by mandating a DC on the new hire.
  14. With this schedule, I'm not sure he could be fired if they go 7-9 and Darnold continues to develop. I never thought Gase was the guy who can get the Jets to where they need to get, but I did feel he could make Darnold the QB that can get the Jets to that level, thus making the HC job considerably more attractive for a HC who can come here and win it all. That said, with Douglas here, his relationship with Gase is solid. If Gase is gone, the organization needs to seriously consider the current structure. I think any HC who follows Gase would have to report to Douglas, and not directly to ownership.
  15. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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