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    History professor

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    In person, it would be the last game at the old stadium at the Meadowlands, Rex's first year. Bitter cold, but the Jets destroyed the Bengals and clinched a playoff spot.
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    The Mud Bowl.
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  1. Oh, yes. The Jets should be petrified of the Patriots drafting Mac Jones. It's always worked out when teams have drafted players that had them so disgusted with his inaccuracy on his pro day that they were caught on camera shaking their heads about it. I mean, come on.
  2. That is my issue. Let the football people football. They're not the biggest meddlers, but they do meddle.
  3. This is what I see. Give it one more year for JD to reap the benefits of the draft capital he has accumulated. As for this rebuild, JD stepped into a worse situation than most. The roster was just devoid of talent.
  4. I agree, though his first year wasn't a build. They went 10-6. They tore it down for the second year. And he didn't deserve any more time. He couldn't draft.
  5. I agree. I just hope it's not short-circuited, the way it was at MSG.
  6. I agree, as a Rangers fan. As a Jets fan, I just want to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen with the good things starting to go on in Florham Park.
  7. I have been a proponent of this front office having the support of ownership to build at their own pace. JD and Saleh could build something special if they are given the time to do so. That can be difficult at times in New York. The Rangers were in the middle of a true full build, but ownership pulled the plug on it today mid-stream, wanting to accelerate things. If this build takes a little longer, will the Johnsons give JD the time to see this through? Will the fans, or the media, give the team the time to do it?
  8. More trolls in this thread than a DreamWorks movie.
  9. If the Jets are choosing a new QB in three years, have I been assigned to the "all in" group, or the "bust before he's drafted" group? It's tough to keep track.
  10. This is the it. This is what sets a very, very select few apart from the rest.
  11. If the Jets picked Fields, Prisco would be singing Wilson's praises today.
  12. My sense is that GVR makes the cut over Lewis, especially after Lewis' absence last year. But I don't think either start.
  13. This is why Olympic competitions throw out the highest and lowest score.
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