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    History professor

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    In person, it would be the last game at the old stadium at the Meadowlands, Rex's first year. Bitter cold, but the Jets destroyed the Bengals and clinched a playoff spot.
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    The Mud Bowl.
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  1. Meanwhile, in New England... Does this end the Brady/Belichick debate?
  2. Jets fans would be ballistic if he was a Jet and fumbling the way he does.
  3. If he doesn't show the emotion, he gets torn to shreds by Jets fans for looking calm while the team is a dumpster fire. If he shows the emotion, he should know better than to publicly show frustration.
  4. The question has to be asked, how did this happen? While going 6-2 to finish last year may have been an aberration due to a weaker schedule, that still showed that the franchise was better than some of those teams they defeated down the stretch. Were Adams, CJ, and Robby really that instrumental in the team not be atrocious? And you can't even really consider CJ, since he wasn't there for the 6-2 stretch, anyway.
  5. This is true. The front office may opt to choose its own QB to go with a new coaching staff. It all should be flowing through Douglas. That said, if we start hearing how Fields is a generational talent, it will just further prove how overused that term is.
  6. The Edoga experiment is over. He's just not. Just no.
  7. If the Jets had traded for him, his limbs would have fallen off during camp.
  8. I'd say third and one is this offense's kryptonite, but to be honest, first through third down is.
  9. Very rare positive. That was a gorgeous swim by Franklin-Myers.
  10. Fans: Go for it on fourth and one. Also fans: Why did that idiot go for it on fourth and one?

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