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  1. I like how he pushed through injuries in his time here, but it was time to move on. This line is moving forward with a host of Douglas/Pollack guys.
  2. You just know Belichick gave the team a list of the guys who would be "voluntarily" holding out, and who would be playing.
  3. But what did the Jets do under Parcells? Lost an AFC title game. And nobody remembers who lost the AFC title game because nobody cares.
  4. As a former college offensive lineman (who very much looks it), I wholeheartedly agree with this gripe.
  5. I had considered this question when the burner account story broke. Honestly, I think the Daily News would consider it an act of war, and would go to such lengths to hammer the Jets, it might not be worth it. Yes, they are close to that point right now, but it could get even worse.
  6. How he kept his job after the burner account scandal is beyond me. It's condemning of the Daily News. That paper did not care that someone employed to report on a team had acted in that way. And to me, that speaks volumes about the NYDN.
  7. How do these guys get jobs? I will say, though, I wonder if the friction predates the trade deadline stuff on both sides. I wonder if Adams was salty for being sat for a couple plays because he was taking dumb penalties. If his skin was that thin in NY, it will be equally thin in Seattle.
  8. Beningo is just awful. He embodies the worst aspects of the Jets fan base.
  9. Barnwell would never give the Jets an A if they traded the rights to Jace Amaro for 10 years worth of first rounders. For him to declare the Jets a winner in a trade shows how much of a haul it was.
  10. I'd rather pay an elite pass rusher than an elite safety.
  11. I haven't spent any time in an NFL locker room, but my suspicion is that there is a pretty big gap between what it actually is and what many fans think it is. Popular culture has shaped how we view the football locker room, and the football coach.
  12. There is no coming back from giving Mehta an exclusive. Deal him now.
  13. Fortunately for Adams, the owner of the team he wants to play for is... *checking my notes* Jerry Jones. Yes, a true champion for racial and gender equality.
  14. Is it me, or as he ages does Woody look increasingly like WKRP's Les Nessman?
  15. It would be amazing to have an owner who truly bleeds green like Vaynerchuk.
  16. The thing is, the Jets are extremely young, and while not where they need to be, they are on an upswing. The Pats are an older roster and are on a downswing, but I would imagine the Pats are much, much further up than the Jets are.
  17. Those one-year deals can lead to compensatory draft picks. Belichick has been doing it for some time.
  18. Can't do a slow build here. New York media market is brutal, fans are desperate for some success. So team too often opts for the short-term band-aid fix rather than building a solid foundation for long-term success.
  19. Those are the exact scenarios I think could be at play here.
  20. It makes me wonder if some of it was leaked by the Skins themselves to soften the landing.
  21. So, what does everyone think new Washington Warriors owner Alex Smith's first move is going to be?
  22. This whole situation is nuts. So...my wife is a (Skins) fan. Football-wise, the only way this could go worse is if our son decides to start rooting for the Browns.
  23. This interview has a new perspective based on this story. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/video/why-cut-kapri-bibbs-jay-gruden-explains-redskins-decision

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