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  1. Amazing that I saw the headline read "former scout" and knew who it was before I saw the article. I think I counted 7 self-references to him being a former scout in his own piece. How does this guy still have a place that will publish his self-promotion?
  2. Blasphemer! Mac Jones is the greatest anyone to have ever anythinged ever!
  3. A guy like Jones does that because he knows the league won't do anything to him, and if the opposing team tries to take matters into their own hands, the league will come down hard on them.
  4. Not one mention by CBS of Jalen Mills' dirty hit on Lamb after he scored the winning TD. We all know who CBS' favorite team (and financial partner) is.
  5. Why does this fan base constantly want to fire everyone? The revolving door approach hasn't worked. All the teams that have sustained success have stability. Yet Jets fans constantly want turnover.
  6. Last week, I preached not getting too high after a win. I believe that led to me being called a "Debbie Downer." Now, if I preach not to get too down after this loss, I can imagine I will be burned in effigy.
  7. This is so true. The Pats are 1-3 on their way to 20-0 and another title. The Jets are 1-3 and on their way to 0-17 and the first overall pick.
  8. One of the best paths to career advancement at ESPN is to hate on the Jets.
  9. Let's not get too high about this win. The team isn't as good as this win, nor as bad as the previous losses.
  10. Wow. Just saw this. What awful news. Rest in peace.
  11. I'd like to think three games is the earliest the Jets fan base has ever called for an OC to be fired. However, with the Jets, this may be the longest honeymoon period any OC has had.
  12. Jets fans, once more showing their capacity for patience and avoidance of drawing hasty conclusions,,,
  13. Wow. I bounced between being a right-handed snapping C to being a LG (playing predominantly in a lefty three-point stance) in college, and I don't recall it being anywhere near as drastic a change as it is for him. Then again, I was pretty mediocre, and it was DIII as compared to the NFL...
  14. I think it is entirely possible Wilson is the best rookie in the league this season. I also think it is highly, highly unlikely he wins ROY. He would have to be miles ahead of any other rookie to overcome the Jets tax.
  15. If the Jets held an auction to determine a holder, who would we get?
  16. I completely agree with this. I'm not sure why backup QBs are not holders more often.
  17. The Jets aren't exactly good. But how exactly are the Pats good? Seriously, they were 7-9 last year, and have now gone with the fifth best QB in the draft. Who cares that Peter King and Mike Florio are drooling over Jones? Belichick could draft a flaming pile of dog droppings, put a Patriots jersey over it, and ESPN, PFT, and all the other national media would be fitting the bag for a yellow jacket in Canton.
  18. Mac Jones doesn't look awful. But the hype is absolutely ridiculous.
  19. Have they announced yet who is introducing Mac Jones in Canton for his induction?
  20. In looking back, the only phase of the team that was truly terrible was the OL. The defense did decently. A few breakdowns, and the best RB in the game did his damage, but overall, the defense was at worst tolerable. Wilson was solid when he has time. Maybe the drops were a bit of an issue, but the ground game, when it got blocking, showed it could be effective. Specials were pretty decent, especially considering the Mann injury. This loss shows just how important the OL is. Not a great game by any unit, but every aspect of the team played at worst an OK game except the OL.
  21. This has been a disaster of a broadcast. They were atrocious.
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