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  1. Yes, the NFL Network App works on my iPad. . Just watched a minute of the Thursday night game on my iPad, so hopefully good to go for Sunday. If the game were anywhere else but London, I’d just be able to find a sports bar.
  2. On the app on my IPad will be good? Won’t have access to a tv. Thanks very much.
  3. I will be on the west coast on Sunday. What are the best ways to ensure that I will be able to watch the game? I think I will be able to access Channel 4 via my cable network, but I don’t trust them. I once had a problem with the game not being licensed for the iPad I will be using. Will it be shown live on the NFL network? Any fool proof ways to watch? Thanks very much.
  4. First of all, I don’t care how “respected” this reporter is. Right now, he is serving as a mouthpiece/shill for the Texans. Why is anyone getting all worked up about his “starting points?” I assume that every member of this board has been involved in numerous negotiations. If you’re selling your house, your car, whatever, you always set an absurdly high asking price. If anyone is stupid enough to give you that absurd amount, then great. But, Joe is not stupid. He will sit tight. I don’t even think Woody is that stupid, although he is admittedly the week link here Secondly, I ha
  5. Let’s not drive footballguy away. I appreciate his information.
  6. For Tanny to state that you don’t let the other GM off the phone without concluding the deal is absurd. Why not negotiate on zoom wearing an “I am desperate” sign? Way to negotiate! Listening to Tanny (Did he ever play touch football?) concerning NFL personnel is the equivalent of attending a Kardashian lecture on intellect or modesty with regard to attire. For those who state that Tanny was better than Idzik or Mac, that’s setting the bar a tad low, don’t you think? Thank goodness that we have a real GM NOW.
  7. The first game to which I took my son was the playoff game when we beat the Colts, with Peyton Manning, 41-0. Mike Greenberg, whom I really like, was arguing with Golic that Chad was better than Manning. The next week we played the Raiders. After that game, I told my son, “We will never win the Super Bowl with Chad.” The Raiders played press coverage, and Chad simply did not have the arm strength to complete a pass outside the numbers. I loved Chad as a person, but...
  8. This is the best thread I have ever read on a football forum. Thank you for the inside information. I also think that most of the questions have been spot on.
  9. I don’t think that it is possible to evaluate Sam yet. He had the worst offensive line in the league. His lead running back was hit behind the line of scrimmage more than any other runner in the league. Did he all of a sudden become a bum? What qb in the history of the league would have succeeded behind the Jets line? As for making those around him better, how was he supposed to do that? Was he supposed to block for himself? Was he supposed to throw the ball to receivers who were not open? Incidentally, I was not a big fan of Robby Anderson. Context is everything. IF The
  10. I loved Mike when he was with Mad Dog. Couldn’t stand him since. It’s one thing to interrupt callers. It’s another thing to interrupt guests. The last straw for me was on his Sunday show when he constantly interrupted Phil Simms every time he tried to speak. WFAN let go the best guy they had, Chris Carlin. They truly are boring now. I think that Tierney will be on from 10-12:00 with Tiki Barber. Not a fan of Tiki. My favorite show in recent years was Mike & Mike on ESPN until that show ended. Loved their interaction with each other and the fact that they had access to all
  11. Benigno’s act is tired and so is he. Brandon Tierney is coming soon, and I like him a lot. He has an edge to him, but is usually quite fair in his analysis. You have to be opinionated to be interesting, and Tierney is. Unlike Benigno, B.T. Will lambaste the Jets when they deserve it, but won’t *assume* that the Jets will always stink, always make the wrong moves, etc.
  12. SAR, you are obviously entitled to your opinion, but let’s ditch distorting facts. In another thread, you talked about our schedule in the first half of last year while conveniently listing only 5 games. In this thread you falsely stated that we beat the Bills twice. You would have much more credibility and would be amusing if you backed up your opinions with fact, not distortions or outright lies. For those of you who don’t know me yet, I am a moderate concerning the Jets. I don’t buy into the Same Old Jets song, although I saw Gastineau’s late hit, the missed field goals by
  13. You mentioned 5 teams in the first half. What were the other 3? I do like the scheduling fun facts that you mention for this year. Hey, I hope that you’re right about this year. I’m not a doom and gloom guy, but I do think that you are being unrealistically optimistic.
  14. In my opinion, we started 1-7 last year due to Sam’s mono, poor talent, and a brutal schedule. In my opinion, we finished 6-2 due to sam’s return and a much easier schedule. The scheduling dynamics cannot be ignored when assessing the team or the coach. I can easily see us as having a worse record this year because we have a tougher schedule overall than we did last year. Look at our road games.
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