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  1. Agree. No one who actually saw Butkus play could have any doubt.
  2. Arguing with your source, not with you. Butkus was on the all-decades team for the 1960s *and* the 1970s! He was also ranked in the top 10 *players* of all time, let alone linebackers, by the NFL Network. I don’t who does the research for Pro-Football-reference dot.com, but they have no credibility with me, whatsoever. I suspect young computer guys with a severe case of recency bias. If they were baseball guys, they would probably rank Babe Ruth as the 9th best right fielder.
  3. How Butkus could be rated so low by your list destroys all of its credibility. What is the organization that provided those ratings?
  4. There is bound to be recency bias in polls like this. I’m pretty sure that many posters never saw the players from the 1960s. I voted for Willy Brown at #1. In fairness,however, there was no 5 yard limit to hitting receivers in those days, so this is an apples to oranges comparison. In my opinion, the best stretch of cb play ever was what Revis did in 2009, I believe. He had that stretch where he kept 5-6 elite receivers under 35 yards under current rules.
  5. I saw Namath in his last college game. I believe it was in the Orange Bowl against Texas. He had already hurt his knee, but he came limping off the bench to replace the Alabama starter, who was playing poorly. Joe proceeded to light up the Texas defense, displaying the quickest release I have ever seen, as well as incredible velocity. Yes, he was wearing his white shoes. There was a charisma about him that I have only seen in one other athlete: Muhammad Ali. Joe led Alabama to what should have been a come from behind victory, but future Giants coach Ray Perkins dropped what would have been the game winning touchdown pass. Ironically, my other idol as a teenager was Mickey Mantle, another athlete who had a great career that would have been so much better if he hadn’t hurt his knee. For those of you who never saw Joe play, and just look at his completion percentage or his interceptions, you have no idea. Defensive backs, such as the Raiders’ Willie Brown, were allowed to mug receivers all the way down the field. He never threw dump- offs to the backs; it just wasn’t the style of play then, except for quarterbacks like Milt Plum, who often was the top rated qb, based on the qb rating system that existed in those days. Plum was never considered even a half decent qb, and most of you probably have never heard of him. if you doubt me, there is a YouTube video of a game between the Jets and Colts when Johnny Unitas was their qb. The two qbs combined for about 900 yards of passing, with the Jets winning as a result of two 80 yard bombs to tight end Richard Caster. One last point: In those days, 80 yard td passes flew 60-65 yards in the air, unlike now when a 7 yard slant gets taken to the house. Joe Namath was the reason why I switched from being a Giants fan to a Jets fan.
  6. Nice to see that there are some blues fans here. I saw Stevie Ray from about 8 feet away, before he became famous. This was at My Father’s Place in Roslyn, New York. He just blew me, and everyone else away. Another guitarist whom I saw 7-8 times at My Father’s Place was Roy Buchanan. He was incredible. Lots of videos available on YouTube. Check out “The Messiah Will come again. Another recommendation, if you like more soulful blues playing with an emphasis on feel and tone, would be to check out Peter Green of the original Fleetwood Mac, 1968-1971, before the Stevie Nicks era. I would suggest any live version of “I’ve Got A Mind To Give Up Living” and the 5:04 version of Love That Burns.” The best music purchase that I ever made was a 3-DVD set put out by Hip-O records called The American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1964. It has all of the first generation electric greats: Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, etc. Hope some of you check this out.
  7. PFF stated that JJ is very good at setting the edge also, so he might be even better ( more versatile) than some of us think.
  8. For a change from PFF, they loved the picks. Said the Jets crushed the first round.
  9. I actually thought that Stabler was pretty cool too. In those days, the players did not have people in charge of polishing up their images. You pretty much saw who they really were. One thing about Stabler that has stayed with me: He would often stand in the pocket for ages with the ball down at his hip. His left tackle was Art Shell and his left guard was Gene Upshaw. I don’t think there has ever been a left side of the offensive line that could equal them.
  10. I started to idolize Joe, even before he became a Jet. I watched him limp off the bench (I believe that this was the year when he hurt his knee), during the 1965 Orange Bowl against Texas. He started spraying the ball all over the field, with that incredibly quick release. He led Alabama all the way back and should have won the game. All-American receiver Ray Perkins dropped the winning touchdown pass in the end zone. I never have forgiven him. Needless to say, I switched my allegiance from the perennially choking Giants of that era to the Jets when Joe was drafted. I get infuriated when people who never saw him play denigrate his stats. In those days, Willie Brown and Kent McClouhan of the Raiders could punch and hit receivers all the way down the field. It was a different game then. Any doubters, look up the Namath vs. Unitas game on YouTube. Joe threw 4-5 bombs for touchdowns, including 2 bombs to our tight end, Richard Caster. In those days, an 80 yard td usually went 50-60 yards in the air. It wasn’t like the 5 yard slants that get taken to the house nowadays. Last story for now. I went to a Jets practice at Hofstra. Joe was warming up with his backup, Babe Parilli. The were throwing pop ups to each other. Joe’s went twice as high. He winked at the crowd, and strolled away. Mr. Charisma.
  11. I originally wanted Walker at 4 and Wilson at 10. Then I read in another thread that Walker had only 9.5 sacks for his entire career at Georgia. We can’t be swayed by combine or pro day workouts. The game tapes are everything. I’m switching my Edge allegiance to Johnson. I want nothing to do with Thibeau. He seems more about his brand than ball. Not a Salah type of player.
  12. Couldn’t find it via google. Did see that he is with Go Long. Is that what you are referring to? Thanks.
  13. Can you tell us who wrote this and where you read this? Thanks. Seems like good analysis.
  14. JoeFan


    I loved Mike and Dog. After Chris left, Mike became unlistenable. He became even more full of himself and constantly interrupted everyone. It was one thing to interrupt dumb callers. It was another thing to act as if he knew more about football than Phil Simms on his Sunday show. i generally enjoy ESPN more because you can hear their top analysts. Loved Mike and Mike when they were a team. The best local guy by far is Brandon Tierney. He is energetic, opinionated, and a huge Jets fan. I wonder how many of you know that John Sterling had a sports talk show on WMCA in the 1960s?
  15. Best wishes for a full recovery.
  16. Yes, the NFL Network App works on my iPad. . Just watched a minute of the Thursday night game on my iPad, so hopefully good to go for Sunday. If the game were anywhere else but London, I’d just be able to find a sports bar.
  17. On the app on my IPad will be good? Won’t have access to a tv. Thanks very much.
  18. I will be on the west coast on Sunday. What are the best ways to ensure that I will be able to watch the game? I think I will be able to access Channel 4 via my cable network, but I don’t trust them. I once had a problem with the game not being licensed for the iPad I will be using. Will it be shown live on the NFL network? Any fool proof ways to watch? Thanks very much.
  19. First of all, I don’t care how “respected” this reporter is. Right now, he is serving as a mouthpiece/shill for the Texans. Why is anyone getting all worked up about his “starting points?” I assume that every member of this board has been involved in numerous negotiations. If you’re selling your house, your car, whatever, you always set an absurdly high asking price. If anyone is stupid enough to give you that absurd amount, then great. But, Joe is not stupid. He will sit tight. I don’t even think Woody is that stupid, although he is admittedly the week link here Secondly, I haven’t read every page of all of these threads, so maybe someone else has said this already, but there is a huge factor that hasn’t been mentioned in this thread. Even if we acquire Watson with a reasonable offer, we are still taking a huge risk. That is the injury risk. I am not going to give up the farm when it is entirely possible that Watson could wind up missing an entire season at some point. I lived through this when Namath suffered a season-ending injury in an effing exhibition game. So I would offer both of this year’s first round picks, with the earlier pick being the equivalent of 3 mid-level first rounders. So we’re talking about the equivalent of 4 average first round picks. I might sweeten the pot with a second round pick in the 2022 draft. No more first round picks and no players from the team. I wish that Mike Tannenbaum would shut up. One other point Why do posters on this board care about the pr hit that the Texans might take? If they are stupid enough to have their shill throw out absurd scenarios, that’s on them They created this mess It is not the job of Joe Douglas to extricate them from it
  20. Let’s not drive footballguy away. I appreciate his information.
  21. For Tanny to state that you don’t let the other GM off the phone without concluding the deal is absurd. Why not negotiate on zoom wearing an “I am desperate” sign? Way to negotiate! Listening to Tanny (Did he ever play touch football?) concerning NFL personnel is the equivalent of attending a Kardashian lecture on intellect or modesty with regard to attire. For those who state that Tanny was better than Idzik or Mac, that’s setting the bar a tad low, don’t you think? Thank goodness that we have a real GM NOW.
  22. The first game to which I took my son was the playoff game when we beat the Colts, with Peyton Manning, 41-0. Mike Greenberg, whom I really like, was arguing with Golic that Chad was better than Manning. The next week we played the Raiders. After that game, I told my son, “We will never win the Super Bowl with Chad.” The Raiders played press coverage, and Chad simply did not have the arm strength to complete a pass outside the numbers. I loved Chad as a person, but...
  23. This is the best thread I have ever read on a football forum. Thank you for the inside information. I also think that most of the questions have been spot on.
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