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  1. Cookie Monster makes some good. It’s one thing to have small hands but long arms. But small hands and short arms?
  2. We just haven’t seen many QBs with that short of arms. 31.5 inches is the benchmark.
  3. Philip Adams identified as a mass shooter in South Carolina. For those who don’t remember Phillip played for the Jets in 2014 was the first player to wear number #24 after Revis. Sad story. Heart goes out to the victims.
  4. Breaking News: The Jets are in full rebuild mode with a new HC and QB. They are not going to be overly concerned with filling positional needs. It’s about adding talent.
  5. Love the player but his extensive injury history concerns me. Purude also didn’t really use him as a burner/deep threat. More of a guy who is deadly in space.
  6. Doesn’t seem like a Douglas guy. Former 5 star who was MIA (no pun intended) until this season.
  7. The competition piece is being overblown. The teams Lawrence, Fields, and Jones played on were 99%tile in terms of talent. Ohio State, Clemson, and Alabama won’t miss a beat next year without those guys. The same cannot be said about BYU without Wilson. Does Wilson throw some risky passes that will probably lead to INTs at the next level? Sure, but I’d prefer it to that to a guy like Tua who had some real problems identifying “NFL open” vs Alabama open.
  8. Cmon! I’m a old divorced guy who’s only company is birds from his bird feeder.
  9. I feel like the word alpha could be incorporated. How about the Alpha Crime Dog?
  10. I’ve been drinking a ton of grappa tonight. Just was thinking about Fred McGriff and what a great nickname it was. We need to come up with something good for Zach Wilson!
  11. I have yet to listen to his updated flight deck podcast but will post a summary upon listening.
  12. How did I misrepresent the interview? You can listen to it yourself.
  13. How am I a troll? Moose and Maggie is my favorite show. I listen to it every day.
  14. Also said Jarred Davis is slow and Corey Davis is a “jump ball” receiver who can’t create separation He does love Becton.
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