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  1. The committee can still put Ohio State in if they want (I believe). OSU would likely not be eligible for the Big Ten championship game. At the end of the day the committee will likely be choosing between a second SEC team, Cincinnati, and Ohio State. If Northwestern wins out they would have a legit argument, but I don’t think they have enough firepower on offense to not trip up down the stretch or in the championship game.
  2. That injury happened on an illegal hit. Should have absolutely been a personal foul.
  3. Even during his vaunted 4 game stretch at the end of 2018 the Jets finished 1-3. This team is bad enough to lose games even if the QB plays well.
  4. Any interest? Chris Johnson got something right after all.
  5. This is pretty much the right answer in a nutshell. I was genuinely confident he was the answer after his rookie year. I think most fans felt the same way.
  6. You probably would have been done with Josh Allen after his first two years as well. Look at him now. It was too early to write him off after 2018 and 2019.
  7. When I was reading that he was struggling in training camp and that led to a hideous week 1 performance I knew it was over. Anyone who watched five minutes of that week 1 game knew the Jets were one of the worst teams in football and this year was not going to go well for Gase/Sam.
  8. No Playing him in this mess of a year/team will do him more harm than good. Let him start fresh next year with a new coaching staff/full offseason.
  9. Duke and Vandy are the closest comparisons to Northwestern and while they have been successful at times they have not ultimately gotten to the level Northwestern has. Notre Dame is Notre Dame. They are going to always reel in top 10 recruiting classes because of the brand. Stanford also has history on its side in addition to fertile California recruiting base. Since he’s been at Northwestern his average national recruiting rankings have been in the 60s and 12th in the Big Ten. He is not getting very many of the NFL type athletes which is why Northwestern is somewhat limited in how far they can go. People comparing the job he’s done at Northwestern to Harbaugh at Michigan is laughable. Harbaughs gotten top 5–10 classes every year.
  10. Pat Fitzgerald has not coached against Harbaugh 9 times. And are you seriously comparing the Michigan job to Northwestern?
  11. Iowa is a large state school that plays in a college football hotbed where Hawkeye football is the only show in town. Northwestern is a private school in Chicago with major academic restrictions.
  12. He’s 9-6 against the Hawkeyes. What other Big Ten teams have a better record against the Hawkeyes the last 15 years?

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