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  1. He did OK with a lot of the mid-tier deals: Carpenter McClendon Beachum Crowder Brian Poole Williamson McCown It really was the big ticket guys that burned him.
  2. The Jets and the Mets to be are very similar year and year out. You can talk yourself into thinking they will be good if a bunch of different things go right, but how often does that happen?
  3. It’s very smart on the Jets part. The cap is almost certainly going down next year, and they are going to be able to roll over the saved cap space this year into next years team.
  4. Meanwhile CJ Mosley gets paid to sit on his ass and root for the Crimson Tide and Ravens.
  5. I could just imagine MoWilk, Revis, Trumaine, CJ, and Lev Bell getting together for a reunion dinner 5 years from now-toasting to Johnson’s and McCagnan.
  6. Brian, I appreciate your service with the Jets. You were a warrior who was willing to play through injury and always team first. Were you a bit over paid? Sure, but your effort and professionalism never waned regardless of salary. I hope the Jets are able to bring you back at a reduced salary.
  7. He can’t trade him. Unfortunately the Jets are going to be stuck with this guy until 2022.
  8. Interesting comments. Reading through these the biggest knocks on Bowles was Kacey Rodgers as DC, his conservative game management style, and discipline vets (Mo Wilk).
  9. Great resume as an assistant, former player, former team captain. I think he gets another shot next year, but what mistakes did he make with the Jets that he needs to correct in his next opportunity? Was it all lack of talent?
  10. Jamal is a kid who loves football and works his ass off at it. He was also tremendous to the fans for the most par, taking the time to interact and sign autographs throughout his Jets years at Training Camp.
  11. Every time you post about Manish, read one of his stories, or respond to him on Twitter his platform gets bigger.
  12. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29566373/tom-coughlin-recovering-breaking-ribs-puncturing-lung-bicycle-accident
  13. He’s be getting talked up a lot more if he was a Patriot.
  14. The Jets (among many other teams) had the chance to draft 1,2, and 4.
  15. When the Jets are up by 3 in the 4th qtr needing a stop on defense they are going to miss their prez.

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