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  1. I hate when Jets fans toss Wilkerson into this. He was a free agent bust, but not a draft bust. The guy produced 5 dominant seasons.
  2. Baker played very well tonight and will be very effective in this offense.
  3. From everything I read the Jets had Darnold, Mayfield, and Rosen as their top 3 QBs, and were comfortable drafting any of them third overall. Had they not made the trade up and stayed at 6 Darnold is likely a Bronco and Rosen is a Jet. There is zero chance the Jets weren’t coming away with a first round QB that night.
  4. Sam Darnold is a great kid, but it’s not going to work out for him here.
  5. Orvolsky reminds me of Trent Dilfer talking up Sanchez.
  6. Could you imagine Josh Allen in the Adam Gase offense?
  7. If you compare the Jets roster to the rest of the league it’s hard to argue it’s not bottom 3-5. That said there is a fine line in the NFL between the best teams and worst teams. On most days even the worst team in the NFL should be competitive. It’s incredibly alarming that any team would put forth a performance in week 1 that the Jets did. This is the NFL! Teams aren’t supposed to be down 21-0 in a blink of an eye. For a while there it looked like Ohio State was playing Rutgers.
  8. If Mac doesn’t make that trade the Jets probably land Rosen instead of Nelson. He also probably flushes 2/3 2nd round picks down the toilet.
  9. 2009-1st and 2nd round pick (Sanchez) 2011- 7th round pick (McElroy) 2012-4th round pick (Tebow) 2013-2nd round pick (Geno) 2014-7th round pick (Boyd) 2016-2nd round pick (Hackenberg) 2018-1st and (2) 2nd round picks (Darnold) 2019-2nd round pick (Darnold) 2020-4th round pick (Morgan) And you want to know why this roster is in terrible shape? Last five years alone the Jets have spent the 6th overall pick, (4) seconds, and a fourth on Sam Darnold, Christian Hackenberg, and James Morgan.
  10. He admitted he should have fired McCagnan, but in addition to allowing him to run the draft/free agency he also allowed him to run the coaching search. Gase was recommended to CJ by a guy who had proven over the years to be incompetent. I don’t believe in either coach and QB anymore, but my blame for the QBs failure points directly at the organization. I firmly believe is Sam was drafted into a different situation (Denver for example) he would have been successful.
  11. It’s very strange. It could be as simple as it being a scenario where CJ caught wind of the negativity surrounding his this week and felt the need to publicly support/endorse.
  12. Excited to see what Braxton Berrios can do.
  13. The fact that the owner came out to speak in this way after 1 week is alarming. It’s almost as if he is trying to prepare the fan base for a hideous season.
  14. The Johnson’s don’t care about winning and losing. They just wants the players and football people to like them and pretend like they are major factors in decision making.
  15. I went with the Geno 3 INT and 2 completions. The Jets have had two competent QB seasons this decades- 2015 and 2017 (grizzled vets). The young QBs have been awful.
  16. They have invested more draft capital into the position than any other NFL team this decade
  17. Never understood why they chose Chris Hogan over DT who actually played Ok last year before he got hurt.
  18. The Jets season comes down to weeks 3-5. If they can win 2/3 maybe this season could at least be interesting for a while. If not, it’s another 1-4 or 0-5 start and we can start writing our obituaries for Gase. Sunday is going to be an absolute disaster of epic proportions. The best case scenario is the Jets make it out of there without major injuries.
  19. It’s been a tough decade with zero playoff appearances and witnessing some horrendous QB play. The following QBs have seen game action from 2011-2020. Sam Darnold fits right in with these pantheon of greats, and I am expecting another classic performance this Sunday. Mark Sanchez Tim Tebow Greg McElroy Geno Smith Matt Simms Washed up Michael Vick Ryan Fitzpatrick Bryce Petty Josh McCown Sam Darnold Trevor Siemien Luke Falk 1) Geno Smith 2014 Home Vs Buffalo Stats: 2/8 5 Yds 3 INTs 2) Sam Darnold 2019 Home vs NE (Ghost) Stats: 11/32 86 yds 4 INTs 3) Ryan Fitzpatrick 2016 Away vs KC Stats: 20/44 188 yds 6 INTs 4) Geno Smith 2013 Away vs Buffalo Stats: 8/23 103 yds 3 INTs 5) Geno Smith 2013 Away vs Baltimore Stats: 9/22 127 yds 2 INTs 6) Ryan Fitzpatrick/Bryce Petty 2016 Away vs NE Stats: 8/24 136 yds 3 INTs 7) Josh McCown/Bryce Petty 2017 Away vs Denver Stats: 8/21 60 yds 1 INT 8 ) Mark Sanchez 2012 Away vs Tennessee Stats: 13/28 131 yds 1 TD 4 INTs 9) Geno Smith/Michael Vick 2014 Away vs SD Stats: 12/31 74 Yds 1 INT 10) Mark Sanchez 2011 Away vs Baltimore Stats: 11/35 119 yds 1 INT Honorable Mention: Mark Sanchez 2012 Home vs 49ers Stats: 13/29 103 yds 1 INT Sam Darnold 2018 Away vs Miami Stats: 21/39 229 yds 5 INTs Luke Falk 2019 Away vs Eagles Stats: 15/29 120 yds 2 INTs Luke Falk 2019 Away vs NE Stats: 12/22 98yds 1 INT Josh McCown 2018 Home vs Buffalo Stats: 17/34 135yds 2 INTs
  20. Neither is one of them really cares enough which is the big problem. Both brothers care more about being well-liked in the building than about winning. The only guy either of them acted swiftly on was Mangini and that’s because he insulted Woody.

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