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  1. Keep hating on me for liking Judges style. I’d think Bob Papa could get more out of this team than Gase.
  2. This is pretty impressive. This is a leader of men who knows Xs and Os. You can all learn about football by watching this. https://youtu.be/M_jXcIskr34
  3. Darnold to Colts for 2021 2nd round and 2022 conditional third. Why would the Jets trade Darnold before securing a top 3 draft pick Bill?
  4. The Bills have Jonathan Harrison and Brian Winters. They seem to like our rejects.
  5. Sorry didn’t see this posted. Please delete Mods.
  6. Four Falcons tear positive and their facility is shutdown. Cases still unconfirmed.
  7. The coaches salaries are inconsequential (or at least should be) for the Johnsons. If this Hymie guy (team president) is in CJs ear he is explaining to him fan base apathy poses far greater financial risk. Gase is now reaching toxic levels and much to CJs chagrin he’s going to be forced to pull the plug soon. The Johnsons are a bit more aloof/out of touch than most owners, but even they are self-aware to know that they need to make a move to change the narrative around the team. Gase is getting eviscerating to the point that people are comparing him to Kotite. The guy (his fault or not) is a PR disaster and has been since he got here. The writing is on the wall. It just comes down to CJs breaking point.
  8. This moron wouldn’t use Bell but has no problem building a game plan around 100 year old Frank Gore.
  9. Very worried about this game. If there is one game Gase will want to win before he gets fired it’s this one. I could definitely see the Dolphins coming out flat this week. Jets-31 Dolphin-28
  10. Give Mac credit for one thing. He always found good kickers.
  11. It’s amazing how Polite, Devin Smith, Quincy Enunwa, Josh Bellamy, Antonio Cromartie, Spencer Long, Anthony Barr fiasco don’t even make the top 11.
  12. If I’m a quality HC I’m not signing up to work for Douglas. After Gase is gone Douglas is going to have the target on his back (see Gettleman). JD could very well be out next year or the year after. There is also the question about Woody and his potential return to power. It’s not fair, but the best move for all right now would be to start fresh and clean house.
  13. I think Douglas could get Gase out of here if he spoke up to ownership. He doesn’t want to hurt his buddies feelings. It seems as if Gase is the most powerful figure in that building.
  14. #3 proves my point. Why allow Gase to win a power play against anyone right now? What credibility does he have?
  15. His 2015 free agency was solid outside of Rev Cromartie who was awful Marshall was a beast, Fitzpatrick was great, Gilchrist and Carpenter were solid in year 1 (they were awful moving forward). Even Revis was at least a nice upgrade in 2015. 2016 everything fell apart. The oline fell apart Fitzpatrick regressed Marshall and Decker were done Revis was done
  16. How can he allow the organization to use his name on that twitter post yesterday? Hes OK sitting back and allowing this moronic coach to run players off the team? Does he realize he and the organization is a laughing stock? Any real leader would not sit back and allow Gase to run roughshod over this team. If Joe Douglas doesn’t realize this coach needs to removed from the program immediately he doesn’t deserve a GM job.
  17. So far all Douglas has done is hire and sign Ravens and Colts rejects.
  18. A lot of it will depend on the new coach and his reputation.
  19. It’s because he left early and does not need to be the face behind one of the worst teams you will ever see. Obviously his finger prints all over this mess and his 2nd rebuild attempt (permitted by the owner) was as bad as it gets. Think about where the Jets have been since Mac tore everything down in 2017. CJ was right to gut the roster, but he allowed the wrong guy to pick the players.
  20. This is utter hogwash. Coaches aren’t concerned with beating point spreads. Wins and losses are what matters in the NFL.
  21. It’s kind of a joke the drafting Adams is winning. It’s easy to forget that a bunch of other teams also passed on Mahomes/Watson for far worse players than Jamal (Trubisky, Solomon Thomas, Corey Davis, Mike Williams, John Ross). That said I don’t think McCagnan did much homework on the 2017 QBs. He was holding out for the 2018 class and that was a big mistake.
  22. Mike McCagnan was the 2015 exec of the year.
  23. He does a podcast with Daniel Jeremiah who is good buddies with Joe Douglas.

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