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  1. 2 hours ago, win4ever said:

    Lol, didn't even bother to check the thread there.  It's hard because the fan in me wants to believe, wants to think that maybe all the negatives are in my head.  I went through it with Hackenberg.  At first I was like wtf?  I mean he wasn't even on the radar going up to that draft.  Then the Kollman video, people saying he's super smart, and I started to just ignore my own thoughts.  I remember watching those tapes, and the only thing I liked was how much Godwin stood out, or how Barkley was so tough to bring down.  

    There's a competition one where I'm just asking what the defense is doing.  Plays where the defender is literally just running away from their assignment.  

    The competition piece is being overblown. The teams Lawrence, Fields, and Jones played on were 99%tile in terms of talent. Ohio State, Clemson, and Alabama won’t miss a beat next year without those guys. The same cannot be said about BYU without Wilson. 

    Does Wilson throw some risky passes that will probably lead to INTs at the next level? Sure, but I’d prefer it to that to a guy like Tua who had some real problems identifying “NFL open” vs Alabama open. 

  2. Tidbits:

    1) reports are that Saleh preferred to keep Darnold and build around him over Wilson 

    2) Lombardi would have traded back and drafted Sewell 

    3) Lombardi has not liked what he had seen from Darnold with the Jets. 

    4) Lombardi likes Darnolds leadership. Doesn’t think that Wilson is an Alpha Male.

    5) Jets didn’t utilize their cap advantage to its full extent. 

    6) Patriots were aggressive because they signed players 20% cheaper than they would in a normal offseason. 

    7) Patriots are smarter than everyone else 

    8 ) College scouts like Joe Douglas over value draft picks and don’t know about team building. 


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  3. Tidbit from his interview with moose and Maggie.

    Said if he was a young QB he would want to go to Atlanta to learn under Matt Ryan and Arthur Blank. 

    Says the Jets failed Sam Darnold and Joe Douglas no longer believed in him. 


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  4. 3 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

    He literally had to apologise for slandering Justin Fields last week.

    I don’t care of he went to Harvard military school. He’s a f*cking clown.

    Yea that’s incorrect. Dan is a great guy. Terrific father and husband and really good on TV. I had the pleasure of meeting him once and he was very kind. He’s a very respected analyst. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    Oh wow, so he must have correctly predicted every good and bad QB since forever, then. 

    Former sucky QB says when a QB sucks it's not the QB's fault. Call 60 Minutes you've got a great story for them.

    You know nothing about Dan Orlovksy. The guy built a career as a UConn QB because of his smarts and toughness. He knows his stuff. 

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