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  1. And what if your evaluation is wrong and one of the QBs you could’ve drafted looks like Justin Herbert? How do you explain to ownership why you passed on that guy to run it back one more year with a QB who will likely be a free agent in 2022?
  2. BAP doesn’t work when you have a void at QB. If JD doesn’t value the QB position above everything else he shouldn’t have an NFL GM job.
  3. It’s really not laughable. Ultimately if Wilson proves to be the long term solution at the position he was worth the pick.
  4. Sticking with Sam is not the same as committing to Sam. If the Jets pass on a QB they are electing to evaluate Sam for one more season (sans Gase) thus putting off the QB decision for another season. You can make a fair argument that this is a reasonable approach. However, the 5th year option really complicates this path. Do the Jets really want to guarantee Darnold $20MM in 2022? If not are they really going to enter 2021 with only James Morgan under contract for 2022? If the 5th year option was not guaranteed the Darnold option would be far more attractive.
  5. 95% of the fan base loved Darnold coming out and how did that work out?
  6. The Wilson detractors on this board think they can predict his NFL career by watching 10 minutes of YouTube highlights and reading box scores. I doubt the OP has ever watched a BYU football game from start to finish.
  7. Josh Rosen and Mitchell Trubisky have nothing to do with Zach Wilson. Yes he has taken an abnormal path to becoming a top QB prospect, but that doesn’t mean he should be written off. There is no such thing as a perfect prospect. Everybody you draft poses the risk of not working out-especially at QB.
  8. The owners would be nuts not to do this. It would make the NFL offseason 10x more interesting.
  9. The NFL draft is an in exact science. Barkley turned out to be RB3 in 2017 (Dalvin Cook, Alvin Kamara) and the Giants drafted him 2nd overall. Scouts get it wrong more times than not. Chances are someone other than Penei Sewell will be the best offensive tackle in this draft. That’s just how it typically goes. If the Jets don’t go the QB route they need to stockpile 2022 picks.
  10. Wow! First Jet to be franchised since Muhammad Wilkerson in 2016 (he eventually received an extension). Doesn’t happen everyday.
  11. Nope-The decision should be QB or trade down. Penei Sewell and DeVonta Smith would help this team, but so would Kyle Pitts, Jaylen Waddle, Jamarr Chase, Rashawn Slater, and countless others. If the Jets pass on a QB they ABSOLUTELY need come away with a 2022 First Round pick.
  12. And Woody Johnson paid him for his recommendation.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nfl.com/_amp/charley-casserly-2021-nfl-mock-draft-1-0-justin-fields-slides-to-steelers
  14. Sorry Quinnen! It is against Jets policy to keep good players unless your name is Mo Wilkerson.
  15. What do you think Caserio’s mentor Bill Belichick would do in this situation? I’m pretty sure Watson would be out the door lighting quick. One player can’t be bigger than the team.
  16. You build the best possible team you can and let the chips fall where they may. If I told you 6-7 years ago that the NFC South team that would win the Super Bowl first would be Tampa you’d think I was nuts. Look at the QBs in that division at the time: Newton, Brees, Ryan. Tampa had Josh McCown.
  17. That’s why Hendrickson is going to be 13MM a year. If he backs it up again he’s probably looking for 20MM+ next year.
  18. The only reason why Brady was a 6th round pick was because Michigan signed Drew Henson who was the top recruit in the country. Lloyd Carr was under a ton of pressure to play him which led to Brady being overlooked. The transfer portal makes another Brady situation unlikely. Twenty years ago nobody might have ever heard of Joe Burrow if he was stuck at Ohio St behind Dwayne Haskins and Justin Fields.
  19. Kiper is the GOAT. How can anyone not respect that guy? He literally is The Godfather of the NFL draft.
  20. Pauline reporting Tepper will pay any price to Texans for Watson.
  21. How soon before Rich Cimini “reports” that Wilson doesn’t want to play for the Jets?
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