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  1. Pitts, Smith, Waddle, and Chase are all elite. If the Jets go that route they might as well trade with Carolina since one of them will be able there at 8.
  2. Has Jets trading with Falcons and selecting Kyle Pitts at #4. At #23 Michigan edge rusher Kwity Paye. He has 5 QBs in top 9. 1. Lawrence-Jax 2. Wilson-Atlanta 7. Fields-San Francisco *trade* 8. Jones-Carolina 9. Lance-New England *trade*
  3. He very we may. These guys have all had an extra month to prepare for NFL workouts. Everything he does from here on out has been scripted to improve his draft stock.
  4. I see it differently. Judon comes across as very thin-skinned and if I am his agent I am not happy.
  5. I don’t think Williams is worth $20MM
  6. I think you have to give Joe Judge a lot of credit. That’s what can happen when you have a true leader at the helm who holds players accountable.
  7. This will be year #2 for Leonard on the tag so that number goes up.
  8. If Mahomes and Watson were the next Mahomes and Watson why did the Bears draft Trubisky?
  9. I agree. From a self-preservation standpoint the safe move is the draft a QB. From a team building standpoint? Cimini’s proposal makes a lot of sense.
  10. My prediction is Wilson, Lance, Fields, and Jones all go in the top 15 with four going in the top 8. Why? Because QB draft stock typically declines in February and grows in March and April. These guys have had an extra month to prepare for their pro day. Testing is going to be off the charts.
  11. Big Dick has spoken! On his Flight Deck Podcast he listed 10 reasons the Jets should keep Sam Darnold. Here are his nuggets 1) Jets front office think there is a huge gap between Lawrence and Wilson/Fields 2) Wilson is a one year wonder. Cites concerns about his frame size and cupcake competition. What would GM Cimini do? Trade down from #2 Sign Jacoby Brisset or Jamies Winston to compete with Darnold. Its over guys. Wilson is going to be a franchise QB.
  12. He has Sewell as the 10th ranked player which leads me to believe he doesn’t see him as a hall of famer. Sorry buddy!
  13. @bitonti “If Walter Jones and Anthony Munoz had a genetically engineered child it would be Penei Sewell”
  14. It was a fun listen. Mangold saw a lot during his time here.
  15. Great listen! Highly recommend (subscribe to Moose and Maggie podcast)
  16. Going into a game with Chris Hogan, Lawrence Cager, and Jeff Smith as your top 3 options is unacceptable. I don’t care about injuries and I don’t care who the QB is.
  17. He mentioned the biggest reason he failed was his inability to handle adversity. Often times QBs who get picked at the top of the draft don’t experience any adversity in college. I’d put Wilson, Lawrence, and Jones in this category. Fields to me is a kid who showed a lot. Many pundits were questioning him prior to the Clemson game and he went out and put on a show (with broken ribs). That tells me he may be a good fit with the Jets.
  18. Yes because tackles picked 2nd overall are always HOF locks. Tony Manderich Robert Gallery Jason Smith
  19. He’s started 18 collegiate games, but let’s get the yellow jacket fitted already.
  20. By most metrics the Oline was improved last season. I agree Douglas didn’t have a great first offseason, but my biggest complaint wasn’t Conklin/Fant. It was the way he handled the WR position. There were multiple games this seasons where the Jets were relying on exclusively scrap-heap guys. That is unacceptable and also way too common an occurrence for this organization.
  21. how do you watch this and draft him in the first round? All day to throw to unbelievable wide receiver talent
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