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  1. Joe Idzik? Do we have another deliberate pussy running the show?
  2. https://www.espn.com/blog/new-england-patriots/post/_/id/4822261/charlie-weis-raves-about-mac-jones-as-potential-patriots-qb-of-future
  3. What about Joe Burrow? Also Trubisky only started one season. Wilson started three seasons.
  4. I enjoy your message board as a platform to discuss my favorite NFL team. I do not intend to cause problems. If I am doing something wrong please let me know and I will adjust.
  5. I really enjoy the show. They know their stuff and book interesting guests.
  6. A good rookie season? 12/21 TD/INT ratio with a 55 comp %. Pretty much DeShon Kizer numbers.
  7. It’s a good show and I think he’s going to shed light on Jet fan attendance this fall!
  8. What I always found interesting about Smith is how much time he received. Remember had he not broken his jaw the Jets would have sunk 3 seasons with him as the week 1 starter (same as Darnold). That would never happen in today’s league.
  9. It’s a two-way street. Don’t knock Wilson for playing a soft schedule and not mention the NFL supporting cast Lawrence, Fields, and Jones had at their disposal
  10. I also see the franchise tag going away in the next CBA. Player movement is good for the league.
  11. Will be interesting to see what the Seahawks do with Jamal next year. Can’t see him getting anywhere close to the money he reportedly was looking for. Should have went to the Jets last season and signed something in the 13-14MM range.
  12. You cannot read anything into what these guys say publicly (unless it’s Brian Cashman). As far as Darnold goes the clock is ticking. If you are going to trade it him with would behoove you to do it soon.
  13. You were the one who brought up talent not me. BYU is not an overly talented team. Ohio State is ridiculously talented.
  14. That is a misleading statement you just made. BYU recruiting (per247 composite) 2017-66th 2018-78th 2019-84th 2020-81st Well below UCF which they destroyed in their bowl. Lets take a look at Ohio St 2017-2nd 2018-2nd 2019-14th (Meyer transition) 2020-5th
  15. To be fair the same could have been said about Joe Burrow given his leap from 2018 to 2019. It also can’t all be about the numbers QBs put up in college. It’s not that OSU has the “best offensive scheme in history”. It is that the overall talent on the field he is playing with is significantly better than his competition. Any QB is going to have success in that offense (same with Alabama and Clemson) which is why scouts need to be able differentiate guys like Deshaun Watson from Tua Tagovaloia.
  16. Curious-Would you trade the 2nd overall pick for Tristan Wirfs? That way you can keep Becton at LT where he is most comfortable and Wirfs will continue to be an All Pro at RT. There is no certainty that Sewell is going to be better than Becton or Wirfs. He’s only played 18 collegiate games (in the Oregon offense).
  17. This is true. I remember the one read stuff being the critique of Watson and why he fell in the draft. I will say that Watson’s resume was better than Fields as a college QB.
  18. Are you looking to build a playoff team or a super bowl team? I think the best odds for having a super bowl team in the next 5 years is to hit on a QB 2nd overall and build around him with draft picks and cap space.
  19. I think it’s a worthwhile debate. Curious if the Sewell contingent would approve of this deal. I personally would prefer Wirfs to drafting a non QB 2nd overall.
  20. So many fine folks on this board want to draft Sewell. Why not just reach out to Tampa and offer that pick for Wirfs who has already proven to be a young stud right tackle in the NFL. Seems like it would work better than Sewell as Wirfs wouldn’t complain about being on the right side. Seems like a good trade. The Bucs can draft the QB of their choice to prepare for life after Brady and the Jets can build a fortress around Darnold and Morgan.
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