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  1. What would be the reaction to drafting Micah Parsons?
  2. He’s brokering the deal through the Texans and Watsons camp.
  3. Douglas better be calling McClain immediately to get a deal done!
  4. Do you think Joe Douglas can reach out to that John McClain guy and get a deal done? McClain seems like he’s brokering the deal.
  5. He also has Slater and Farley in his top 10. 5/10 top prospects opted out.
  6. For those of you who don’t pay extra for this brilliant analysis. QBs 1.1 Lawrence 2.5 Wilson 3.12 Lance 4.13 Fields His Top 5 players Lawrence, Chase, Sewell, Parsons, Wilson
  7. The logic behind passing on Watson/Mahomes was the “generational” 2018 QB class headlined by Darnold and Rosen.
  8. It will be interesting to hear a Jets post-mortem from Sam someday down the line. My guess is he will look back at his time here and wish that he had spoke up more. He was always so positive about Gase’s offense despite looking so uncomfortable in it. Hindsight 20/20 gotta wonder if he wishes he was more honest with himself and the organization after 2019. Instead he kept quiet and now both he and Gase are out of a job.
  9. I’m just not buying Mac Jones. The kid probably played on the most talented offense in the history of college football. I think transitioning to the NFL is going to a major adjustment.
  10. The Jets have used the franchise tag so infrequently. Who was the last guy? Mo Wilkerson?
  11. You can argue he has regressed since his RS freshman year at USC.
  12. Like most I was very excited when the Jets drafted him. Given his age I was prepared for some rookie struggles. I just wanted him to hold his head above water and show some positive momentum his rookie year. His rookie year met my expectations and I was looking forward to a year two jump under an established offensive coach. I recall the beat writers talking Sam up during training camp in 2019. By all accounts he has an excellent preseason and was positioned for uptick in production. Obviously with the Mono and oline crumbling around him that did not happen. I still felt okay about him heading into this season, but after his performance in week 1 I was off the bandwagon for good.
  13. I don’t believe any of these fake draft people. Only Mel Kiper and Todd McShay are credible.
  14. This I don’t see Sam as a great fit for what they like to do. He can’t throw the deep ball.
  15. DirecTV pays 1.5 billion annually for the out-of-market game rights and Id imagine that figure increase in the next TV contract. With that said the thought process behind these deals from a TV providers POV isn’t to profit. It is to increase their subscription base. The NFL partnered with a fossil in DirecTV as their subscription base declined substantially over the past decade. To answer your question I think the cost will remain about the same, but an additional annual subscription to the service will be required.
  16. If a company like Disney or Amazon takes it over from DirecTV I think you would see the illegal streams shutdown as they have manpower to enforce it. I used to be able to stream the UFC pay-per-views illegally and can’t anymore so it can be done. It would also be nice to be able to cast the games onto the TV instead of watching on an I-Pad.
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