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  1. Jeremiah had him going #21 to the Colts. Could be an option at either #23 or #34.
  2. This year should be different. Teams were not prepared for the cap to go down. Not only won’t teams “keep their own guys”, but they also will cut some good players as well.
  3. Unless the Wilson is QB1 team was the Jaguars it means nothing. Plenty of misinformation this time of year.
  4. Fields has the higher floor and Wilson has the greater upside. Fields is likely a functional starting QB based off his running ability. Scouts think Wilson is further along in terms of processing and accuracy. He also shows the ability to throw from different arm angles which is where the Mahomes comps come from.
  5. It really doesn’t matter who was the better prospect heading into the league. The Jets don’t have the rookie version of Sam Darnold anymore. They have a version that has developed bad habits, lost confidence, and has to be rebuilt. If the 5th year option wasn’t guaranteed I’d think the chances of Sam returning would be a lot stronger. As things currently stand the Jets only have him under contract for one more season. It is illogical not to react to this type of problem.
  6. To be fair Breer and Schefter are reporting this stuff. I think most fans (myself included) thought a 2022 2nd or 2021 3rd was his peak value.
  7. Why? I have said this for the last two years and it still seems to hold true. The idea of Sam Darnold is better than the actual player.
  8. Keep in mind Gase ran his offense through the slot which inflated his numbers. Crowder is a good player but I don’t see him getting $10MM per year on the open market in this cap crunch climate. The Jets should try to renegotiate a new contract at a lower AAV.
  9. If I am JD I’d try to maximize value on Darnold by soliciting 2022 draft capital. It is riskier, but should net a better rate of return.
  10. I think the difference here is the Jets own the second overall pick. That means they have the ability to choose between four QBs. There may be another Zach Wilson in 2022 that we don’t know about at the moment, but that doesn’t mean the Jets will be in position to draft him. While passing the QB position may seem like the safe bet to some it’s actually an incredibly risky option. You are essentially banking on Sam Darnold to turn his career around. Odds are that your options for replacing Sam won’t be as bountiful a year from now. That is why I am strongly against drafting any non-QB 2nd overall. If the Jets stick with Sam they need acquire an additional 2022 1st to have the ammunition available to trade up in next years draft if needed.
  11. I think I would take the 8th pick. Potential trade down opportunities with that pick. Could end up parlaying it into two first round picks.
  12. The Jets oline was slightly below average last year. Hardly the dumpster fire that some fans made it out to be. The biggest problem on offense was the QB and OC.
  13. You can’t make decisions based on this kind data. Ryan Leaf busting 25 years ago had nothing to do with Zach Wilson or Justin Fields.
  14. I think those expectations are a bit absurd. The kid started something like 18 games in college. We aren’t talking about a four year starter like Orlando Pace. There is likely going to be a learning curve.
  15. And then when Sewell isn’t Jonathan Ogden from day 1.
  16. This is my primary problem with drafting Sewell (or any other non QB 2nd overall ). The expectations are going to be through the roof on the kid. God forbid if one of the non-Lawrence QBs looks like Justin Herbert as a rookie. You think a kid who has played a season and half of college football is really destined to become an all-pro for the next four or five years? That might be what would need to happen for the pick to workout if one of the QBs they pass on turns out to be the real deal. It’s incredibly unrealistic! The plan should be simple. Draft a QB or trade down to a team that wants a QB.
  17. That’s a major stretch. Sewell hasn’t played in two years.
  18. Seriously it’s the smartest idea I have ever come up with. 1) Keep Sam 2) Draft a QB 2nd overall 3) Have a real QB competition -If the rookie wins the job move on from Sam -If Sam wins the job and plays well in the new offense then the Jets have a good problem. Happy Valentines Day! Would love to hear your thoughts!
  19. The QB position has always been the most difficult one to project. Fields and Lawrence being the top ranked recruits in high school and actually living up to the hype is incredibly rare. Yes, Fields, Lawrence, and Jones played tougher competition. They also played on teams loaded with the best talent in the country. If you follow college football recruiting you’d know that those three schools (Clemson, Bama, and OSU) have been on a totally different level from a recruiting standpoint than the rest of the country. Part of Tua’s struggles this year involved what some people call “Alabama Syndrome”. Recognizing the difference between NFL open and College open. There aren’t going to be guys with 5+ yards of separation in the league.
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