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  1. Really great breakdowns. His tape on Wilson is interesting as well. Seems Lawrence is a little slow in processing whereas Wilson is a bit sloppy mechanically.
  2. His podcast last week. Said Wilson doesn’t have a strong arm. Kind of odd because I’ve heard some guys say he has a rocket.
  3. To be fair Tony Pauline has a similar evaluation and Tony is the best in the business.
  4. Ron Jaworski reporting the best offer Eagles have received is (2) 2nd round picks from Indy.
  5. So what’s your plan for the position (assuming Watson is not on the table)? Are you giving Darnold another chance? Are you saying the Jets should only draft a prospect as good as Trevor Lawrence? When will that guy be available for the Jets? Wait until next year when you will likely have a lower pick and less options to choose from? The fact that you don’t want to consider a QB 2nd overall is senseless.
  6. I don’t know is a bad answer. The QB is the most important position on the field. I am glad you are not the GM. Also the Jets have plenty of ammunition to put a good team around the QB.
  7. So where are you going to find the QB if you don’t believe Darnold is the answer? The best opportunity is with the 2nd overall pick where you have your choice between three guys who are all likely to go in the top 10. If you if don’t think any of the non-Lawrence QBs are long term answers don’t draft them, but the probability of that is pretty low.
  8. I’d be pissed too if I was Seattle. What more does the guy want? He’s won a super bowl, been to it twice, and is in the playoffs every year.
  9. I bet you were excited to draft Sam Darnold. How did that workout?
  10. Sure, but wouldn’t you prefer to have the chance to pick between a bunch of options? That doesn’t happen if you don’t draft high.
  11. I think many Jets fans aren’t seeing this clearly because of how things turned out with Darnold. It’s a completely different situation as the Jets will have plenty of draft capital to build around the QB they draft. The Jets gave up much of their draft capital when they went up to get Darnold. McCagnan also flushed the cap space down the toilet.
  12. Drafting a QB is the risk-averse move. Can’t expect to have the 2nd overall pick next year.
  13. Watson has two ACLs. Should the Jets avoid him too?
  14. Leon Washington for Herm Edwards was an all time great Jet trade.
  15. Keep in mind this would be like the Jets pulling off a blockbuster with the Dolphins. You think Houston wants to play Watson two times a year for the next decade? You think Jax wants to hand Lawrence over Houston?
  16. It was on the video that accompanied his ESPN+ Mock.
  17. It was on the video that accompanied his ESPN+ Mock.
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