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  1. It was on the video that accompanied his ESPN+ Mock.
  2. It was on the video that accompanied his ESPN+ Mock.
  3. McShay seems pretty confident that either Jets take Wilson or trade the pick to a team that wants Wilson.
  4. I’m fine with that. Disagree with not taking a QB, but can live with a trade down as it makes sense from a roster building standpoint. Drafting a non-QB 2nd overall however would annoy me.
  5. I just don’t think the competition he faced is a red flag for Wilson. Put Mac Jones on BYU and see how he looks throwing to college wide receivers.
  6. I am on island but I want nothing to do with Watson. Draft a QB 2nd overall and build around him. Just once I would like to see the Jets avoid shortcuts and build up this thing the right way.
  7. This is the most absurd statement I have ever read. You really believe Wirfs was more transformative than Brady?
  8. OBJ coming off a torn ACL is not a player any team would be looking to acquire. If the Browns want to unload him they would need to throw in draft picks.
  9. If I’m Seattle I’d tell Russell Wilson to take a pay cut like Tom Brady and we will get some olineman for you.
  10. I’ve got an idea. How about the Jets draft Zach Wilson 2nd overall and try to build a good team around him?
  11. The thing about the “Colts Model” is that it wasn’t a strategy by choice. Who knows if they would have made the trade with the Jets if they knew Luck was retiring? They ended up in a situation where traded back, picked up some blue chip players in the draft, and find themselves a QB short from making the jump from playoff team to championship contender.
  12. Neither of these guys have any idea what the Jets are going to do. They haven’t even had a chance to sit down with the draft eligible QBs.
  13. Tampa’s hit on a lot picks. There is a reason why Tom wanted to go there.
  14. It just wasn’t a good day for the KC offense. Mahomes actually made some ridiculous throws where his receivers dropped the pass.
  15. GreekJet


    I wish he called the defense instead of Kacy Rodgers.
  16. If any team gives a first round pick for Sam I don’t know how you don’t pull the trigger.
  17. Wentz has accomplished significantly more than Darnold in his career. He’s really only one season removed from behind an above average QB. Plus the Bears are desperate. This is why you fire people in the NFL. Nagy and Pace are making a reckless decision based on self-preservation (hoping they catch lightning in a bottle with Wentz). With that said I find it odd that Goff essentially got Brock Osweillere’d if Wentz is worth a first round pick +.
  18. Wow! If Wentz goes for that package the Jets might actually be able to get a first for Darnold.
  19. I don’t understand why Jets fans don’t see Wentz as a realistic option. The guy is a stud.
  20. No it’s becUse I’m a Jets fan looking for human interaction. I literally am eating dominos pizza every night by myself the last two months.
  21. I’m not trolling. I am an unemployed recently divorced person who is totally bored.
  22. Perhaps go with Wentz or Stafford and if that doesn’t work out crap for kedon!
  23. 17/18 5 TDs. Likely going to be next years number 1 pick.
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