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  1. His own college coach passed on him the pick before he was selected. It was almost as if Mac didn’t watch the kid play.
  2. BTW couldnt you imagine Darrelle, Mo Wilk, Trumaine, LeVeon, and CJ on a Zoom Call 5 years from now laughing about how they screwed the Johnsons for all that cash.
  3. Can’t blame Mac for that. Christopher Johnson is responsible for that mess.
  4. We have had time to digest. I honestly think the answer is Hackenberg. Not because he wasted a 2nd round pick, but he refused to admit his mistake a year later. That led to the Jets passing on Watson and Mahomes.
  5. Probably not fair, but I’d strongly consider buying out JD to bring in Dmitroff. He’d brings some much needed credibility to this organization.
  6. It could work but it’s not working here. Ever since this structure has been put in place the Jets have been a disaster.
  7. This far how isn’t it an F? He took a team on fire and poured gasoline all over it.
  8. He’s pretty much Matt Rhule with a better resume. The idea is to get a guy who built a successful program at a place that is historically difficult to win at and hope they can recreate that magic in the NFL.
  9. Dolan did so with the Rangers. To me that’s quite the case study.
  10. Let’s take a look at the successful NY Sports franchises Yankees-owner entrusts Brian Cashman to run baseball ops Rangers-Dolan entrust John Davidson and Jeff Gorton to run hockey ops Islanders-Lou Lamorillo Let’s look at uncessful NY sports franchises Jets-Johnson plays heavy role in football ops Giants-Mara plays heavy role in football ops Mets-Jeff Wilpon plays heavy role in baseball ops Knicks-Dolan plays heavy role in basketball ops. The Johnsons need to step away and put someone in charge of football ops. They are not qualified to hire or fire a head coach/GM and need to realize that.
  11. He’s made a lot of money already.
  12. He’s looking big picture. The next time he plays he needs to be successful or that’s it.
  13. Why would Josh Rosen sign up to play on another awful team? He’s exactly where he should be. Learning from a coach with a clue.
  14. Fans really over value draft position. Is your hit rate on the 20th pick that much higher than 30? The value in the first round is the 5th year option.
  15. To be fair Flacco literally had no training camp and only a few practices. I’m sure he would get better with more starts.
  16. McCagnan sets this organization on fire and Douglas tries to put the fire out with gasoline.
  17. Not worried about Atlanta. As long as Matt Ryan is healthy they will win some games. Three winnable ones coming up. Giants are concerning. It’s hard to see them winning more than 2-3 games. If they lose to Washington at home all bets are off. They do also have a game versus Cincinnati that’s a toss up. The Jets will need to score a major upset to get any wins, but it’s one of those years where it may take 0-16 or 1-15 to ensure the #1 pick.
  18. Giants offense is pretty bad. 34 pts may look good but they were gift wrapped 14 pts from Cowboy turnovers (one pick 6 and fumble).
  19. Giants Falcons Jets is current draft order. Giants have Washington at home next week. Huge game.
  20. NY Jets NY Giants Atlanta Falcons Joe Judge fought hard today though.
  21. Thank god we have an offensive genius on the staff. Otherwise it would be 3 points.
  22. Not sure if this was posted. Jets aren’t going to LA.

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