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  1. I think if you look at Pat Mahomes footwork/mechanics at Texas Tech and compare it to where he’s currently at today it’s night and day. Personally I think a lot of this is overstated with Darnold. His biggest issues are between the ears.
  2. https://twitter.com/jemelehill/status/1297633435377270785?s=21 A good rule of thumb is not to compare anything to Nazi Germany on Twitter.
  3. I’m pretty sure the Bills are only a slight favorite (sportsbooks) over Pats to win division. Their defense is still really good.
  4. Yes-unfortunately they ran into a Denver team that was absolutely loaded.
  5. His analysis was much more positive than yours.
  6. This is why we have struggled with this pandemic so much. It’s not even political-Americans don’t like to inconvenienced and will continue to live their lives.
  7. I 100 percent agree. Its the most important position in sports and yet fans view backup QB as an afterthought. The last thing you want is to have to watch Luke Falk play QB for four weeks.
  8. Great reports about him in training camp? Could he be a legit?
  9. Apparently it’s all part of an elaborate scheme for Joe Douglas to rid himself of Sam Darnold.
  10. Like most of these practices doesn’t mean a whole lot. A fade to the corner of the end zone is based on timing. I’m sure Darnold and Perriman will get better with practice.
  11. It sounds kind of like Mike White is outperforming Captain in camp. Perhaps he’s the real threat to Darnold?
  12. I had Chipotle yesterday-love it, but it destroys me the next morning. 1) Five Guys 2) Chipotle 3) Arbys 4) Shake Shack 5) Wendys 6) Mickey Ds
  13. Joe Judge is a great coach and big loss to New England. It was easy for BB to discipline the players with Joe Judge around.
  14. I think Id vote for Little John Flowers. Not so much with regards to hype, but I felt like the guy came to camp for a decade (no idea how long it was).
  15. I believe I remember hearing Ira from Staten Island call the radio stations and say that.
  16. Remember Matt Simms? Folks we’re comparing him to Brady after his Snoopy Bowl performance Brett Ratliff? David Clowney? Little John Flowers?
  17. Even if they did something like that where are these teams going to practice? High Schools? It was always impossible to execute. Way too many players and needs to make a bubble work.
  18. Yea but it’s not going to stop a player from going out to dinner, contracting the virus, and spreading to teammates.
  19. It’s literally a bubble where they don’t leave the compound and don’t come into contact with anyone who has no been tested. Its pretty much impossible for the NFL to execute.
  20. He’s going to continue coaching. My wife has advanced melanoma and has been doing her job just fine. Most of these cancers are treated with immunotherapy once a month and it’s really not all bad from a side effects standpoint.
  21. Either way-I think if the MLB owners could go turn back the clock to June they would have canceled the season.
  22. Injuries all over the place, COVID outbreaks, cancelled series, 7 inning double headers. Of course the Mets go to Miami and end up with COVID, and the Yankees can’t go a day without a player pulling a hammy. Season is a complete farce. What is the NFL going to do if a game needs to be rescheduled? You have a built in bye week, but if it starts to happen every week like baseball it’s going to be impossible to deal with. Did MLB just do a terrible job or is this impossible minus a bubble?
  23. Hot take: When the defense dominates in training camp that means it’s not a good thing. It sounds like the online still stinks and Sam is still easily rattled.
  24. Quinnen: Seems to be in good shape-We shall see Edoga-Crickets Cashman-Good chance to make the team with Burgess hurt and Williamson still on PUP Wesco-Seems to be carving out a role for himself Austin-Have seen pics of him being in great shape but no idea Kyle Phillips-Crickets Good news is it looks like Wesco and Cashman are at the very least trending to make the team. I thought Wesco for sure was a goner heading into camp.

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