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  1. Arizona was probably the worst defense the Jets have faced
  2. How about Bridgewater? That was the one that got away.
  3. I put money on Giants to hold on I look stupid
  4. Game Balls: Jamison Crowder LeVeon Bell John Franklin-Myers Avery Williamson Game Goats: Adam Gase Gregg Williams
  5. New York Jets Atlanta Falcons Giants winning right now 7-3 and will be tied for first place if they hold on.
  6. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30088238/nfl-executives-doubt-new-york-jets-get-1st-round-pick-sam-darnold-trade Honestly I’d be surprised if anyone offered higher than a late 2nd or 3rd given the fact he only has one year of team control unless you pick up his 5th year option. Of course as we saw with Leonard Williams Jamal Adams, and Teddy Bridgewater it only takes one team. I’m sure there are some GMs/coaches out there that likes Darnold in the draft and would think they could fix him. If I’m the Jets I don’t move him for anything less than a 2nd. I know a lot folks disagree, but even if the Jets did draft a QB in the first round Id still like to see what Darnold looks like in year 4 under a new head coach. To me that would be worth more than a 3rd round pick that Douglas will likely blow anyway.
  7. Don’t see how it’s an attractive job unless the Jets get the first overall pick. Top candidates aren’t going to want to work with the Johnsons.
  8. I wish CJ would read this poll. It’s week 5 and 80 percent of his fan base are rooting for losses. He’s failed as bad as you can fail.
  9. Obviously if the Jets did go 0-16 I think everything is on the table as far as Douglas being out with Gase. While it’s unfair to JD I don’t think it’s the worst idea in the world either. Start fresh and get two guys together on the same timeline. I am certain that Chris Johnson is not happy right now. While I don’t think he was expecting playoffs or even a winning record he wasn’t prepared for it to be this bad. The job Douglas has done thus far is akin to the contractor you hire to redo your kitchen when you are on a budget. Are you expecting it to be state of the art? No, but you also don’t want to see cabinets falling apart immediately afterward.
  10. It’s a really awful year to be a Jets fan. When they drafted Darnold three years ago I thought they would be competing in 2020. Instead it’s week 5 and we are tanking for a QB. I have never rooted for the Jets to lose this early in the season, but this is an exception. I hope Arizona wipes the floor with these guys. There is really no positives to be had from the Jets winning on Sunday. Outside of mb Quinnen Williams there aren’t any players worth watching who are part of the Jets future playing. If Darnold was playing I’d root for them just to hold out hope that he might turn it around and they won’t have to draft a QB. Winning will only be good for Adam Gase and Chris Johnson. The fan base loses in both outcomes.
  11. Another empty emotional hedge. Put $100 on the Rays and won $120. Still not happy.
  12. Obviously a lot of youngins on this board who don’t remember Vinny T and how much the fan base internalized with him.
  13. Both were old and have Italian last names which works well in north jersey. Maybe Flacco is the solution short term if he plays well?
  14. If Darnold was playing I’d say yes. With Flacco not doing it. If you want free money bet Tampa Rays tonight. Cole is going to choke.
  15. 1) Protect Joe Flacco! The Cardinals defense has struggled all year with their first round pick Simmons a non factor. If the Jets can protect Flacco he should have a big day throwing the football. 2) Defense must keep the ball in front of them. Carolina did this exceptionally well against Arizona. Don’t sit back in zone and let them pick you apart. Challenge them and play their receivers tight. 3) Take deep shots-You finally have a QB who can accurately throw a deep ball Prediction: Jets-27 Cards-34 The offense will do well against this defense. Flacco is very much the type of QB Gase works well with and I fully expect him to move ball. For the first time since he took over as HC we will see exactly how his offense is supposed. On defense the Jets will continue to struggle and Murray and Hopkins light them up.
  16. I added Brandon Shell 63.6 Is JD incompetent?
  17. Free Agents/Trades Bradley MacDougald-48 Pierre Desir-56.7 Connor McGovern-44.2 GVR-55.7 Josh Anderws-53.7 George Fant-64.5 Brian Poole-73.6 Alex Lewis-69 Jordan Jenkins-60.9 Frank Gore-62.7 Breshad Perriman-56.3 Chris Hogan-55.7 Draft Picks Mehki Becton-72.6 Ashtyn Davis-43.7 LaMichael Perine-53.7 Former Jets Robby Anderson-74.5 Jamal Adams-68 Kelvin Beachum-65.7 Kelechi Osemele-60.6 Brandon Shell-63.6 Brian Winters-46.9 Daryl Roberts-58.1
  18. Troll? Chuma is a major upgrade over McDermott. His status makes a big difference this Sunday. Especially with immobile Flacco.
  19. Sounds like he has the same injury as Becton. Why are the Jets playing him?
  20. All I know is he has a shoulder injury. This guy is a very big piece.
  21. Not sure if anybody on the team has much value outside of Becton and Quinnen. Crowder? Hes got an 11.5MM cap hit next year so the Jets may look to move on. Id also look to move Frank Gore just so Adam Gase can’t play him anymore.
  22. That’s because in the par if you drafted a QB in the Top 10 you likely rode him for minimum 4 years unless you were a Jamarcus Russell/Ryan Leaf level bust. In today’s NFL if you don’t prove to be an upper echelon QB after 2-3 years you are done because of the salary cap impact. I’d expect to start seeing some of these guys (see Tannehill) restart their careers and have success elsewhere. The QB position is much better today than it was 10 years ago. There used to be less than 32 guys who were legit NFL QBs. Today there are much more than 32 guys who can give you credible play. As a result QBs need to be special if they want to get paid.
  23. They are still evaluating him so the jury is still out. Same with Lock and obviously Tua. Mayfield, Wentz, and Goff are middle of the pack guys no more less.

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