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    QBase 2.0

    Josh Allen? They missed that one really bad.
  2. GreekJet

    QBase 2.0

    That’s not true. I respect the hell out of Kiper. He’s The Godfather of the NFL draft. He knows his stuff. Kiper got Allen right and all these analytics guys got it wrong.
  3. GreekJet

    QBase 2.0

    Mike McCagnan liked Hackenbergs potential. So did Mel Kiper.
  4. GreekJet

    QBase 2.0

    https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2021/introducing-qbase-v20 Some people like this stuff. They were wrong about Josh Allen, but right about Justin Herbert. 1) Trevor Lawrence 2) Broadway Zach 3) Trey Lance 4) Justin Fields 5) Mac Jones 6) Kyle Trask 7) Kellen Mond Jamie Newman
  5. Garrappolo and Kinlaw do nothing for the Jets. Jimmy isn’t a long term answer at QB and the Jets are loaded with interior DL as is. The 49ers would have offer out Bosa or Kittle for me to be interested.
  6. Agree. Kinlaw and Garrappolo do nothing for me. Bosa or Kittle would need to be involved for me to pickup up the phone. It’s gotta hurt SF.
  7. How is that a troll response? Every Jets fan should be pumped! Wilson is one of the most hyped prospects I can remember.
  8. Did you hear what Steve Young and Chris Simms said?
  9. 6’2 214 lbs laser rocket arm. This is the kid who is going to lead the Jets to the Super Bowl. So pumped!
  10. I know forgot more about Greek culture than you will ever know.
  11. Jarred Davis Keenan Cole Justin Hardee Dan Feeney George Fant GVR Alex Lewis Breshad Perriman Pierre Desir Bradley Macdougald Pays top dollar for #2 WR (Davis) instead of getting a real #1 like Golladay. These backup types are players good organizations can find in the mid-late rounds of the draft or on the scrap heap. Douglas pays these guys top dollar to come in and try to start. For what he paid these bad NFL football players he could have paid a couple of good NFL football players whom could actually help the team win games.
  12. If the Jets were planning to run it back with Sam and not draft a QB they would still certainly need to bring in some real training camp competition. The fact that have no yet identified that player tells me that they are going QB at #2.
  13. Marcus Mariota and Alex Smith look to be the last low end starter/high end backup type available. The longer this goes the more likely I see the Jets drafting a QB and keeping Darnold as a backup/competition.
  14. I just fail to understand why this guy is hanging onto so much cap space. The Jets went 2-14 last year and clearly have the worst roster in their division. I understood rolling over cap space last year (made sense with the pandemic/Gase), but why this year? The cap is going up, teams are going to be flush with money, and the Jets have nobody they need to pay big dollars to in the immediate future. I was not an advocate of signing Thuney who I think fans completely overrate, but the fact that the Jets actually managed to downgrade at oline in free agency (Feeney vs Eflin) is completely unacceptable. Also why could he not of added a Gerald Everett or Jared Cook to the mix to compete with Herndon? Who is playing CB? JD is building a culture in which losing is not only accepted it is EXPECTED.
  15. Exactly. He can get some burn and put up some numbers playing for the dregs of the NFL. Jets are playing a $2.5MM player $5.5MM.
  16. Cole is a backup on a good team. Not a good signing, but fine for depth.
  17. Don’t hate it. Different skill set to Crowder and Davis. Also Crowder and Cole will be gone next year and can be replaced by a mid-round rookie.
  18. Solid move. Don’t understand why the Jets aren’t in on any of these tight ends.
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