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  1. Jim Plunkett Vinny Testaverde Alex Smith Steve Young (not a top 10 pick, but similar) Ryan Tannehill This new structure where the 5th year option needs to be guaranteed will probably open up the opportunity for a lot more. It seems guys are only getting 2-3 years max these days.
  2. Another young QB bust? QBs drafted high since 2015 Busts Darnold Rosen Winston Mariota Haskins Trubisky Jury Still Out/OK Mayfield Jones Lock Tua Wentz Goff Stud Mahomes Watson Allen Jackson Murray Burrow Herbert
  3. Darnold is a big part of the problem. I think we are going to see that this weekend. Still Gases fault for Darnold regressing under his watch.
  4. Cimini reported the same thing. He did however say it was torn before the game on Thursday and playing didn’t make it any worse.
  5. Rich Cimini said he has a torn labrum on his podcast. NFL Olineman have played through it, but it’s also the same injury that osemele refused to play with.
  6. Can’t disagree with you enough. It was a unique situation as Murray and KK had a relationship for a long time and Murray was the perfect QB for that system. If Kyler didn’t declare there is zero chance Arizona would have given up on Rosen. Also drafting a QB in the top 10 and giving up on him after one year is a terrible process. What if the Bills gave up on Josh Allen (worse than Rosen and Darnold as a rookie)?
  7. You are giving them way too much credit. They hired Kingsbury to fix Rosen. In fact KK was hired before Kyler declared (was going to play baseball). Kliff Kingsbury convinced the organization to make that move. Give them credit for listening, but it was not a good process.
  8. Arizona doesn’t have a great defense so not sure how much one game tells us. I think Sam is likely out for 2-3 weeks if the Jets are bring smart. Lock has the same injury.
  9. Darnolds best period of play came after watching McCown for a few games.
  10. I am actually curious to see what this offense looks like with Flacco.
  11. That would be what a stupid organization would do in a meaningless game.
  12. There isn’t a Darnold skeptic on this board that could convince me the Jets didn’t break him. He looked like a much more better player as a rookie and in college.
  13. Not buying that logic. They owned a 2nd rounder which is what’s important.
  14. This is where I am at. Giants also were wrong in their evaluation of Eli which set them back years.
  15. Tua is coming off a serious injury and the dolphins are actually being smart with him. Herbert still has a lot to prove-defenses will adjust to him.
  16. Darnold has won more games for the Jets than Barkley has for blue.
  17. And what has he done for the Giants? What is their record with him? They have wasted three years of his prime. Now they have to decide whether or not to pay him.
  18. He’s not getting his option picked up and the Jets are almost certainly going to be looking at QBs in the draft with a top 3 pick. It’s hard to do but Jets fans need to let go of Sam. Maybe he figures things out one day elsewhere but it’s not happening here.
  19. Barkley spent his entire rookie contract on an awful team and then blew out his knee. He was an awful pick for a Giants team that needed to rebuild.
  20. Should have traded down and taken the Jets package offered to the Colts. They could of had Nelson and Kamara.
  21. Could have had Cook, Chubb, or Kamara in round 2. All better players than Barkley.
  22. Hindsight is always 20/20 but what are your thoughts? Both NY teams are in this position in large part because of poor decisions that night. At the time I liked the move to trade up for a QB and was really high on Rosen, Darnold, and Allen (didn’t like Baker). The Barkley pick to me always made no sense and the Giants are incredibly fortunate Darnold didn’t work out here. Overall I will go with the Giants. The Darnold pick did much more long term damage to the franchise, but the Giants could have done so much more with that pick. Gettleman was right not to take Darnold, but the move was to trade down not take Barkley. I also think Darnolds career may have turned out different in blue for the simple reason that he would have likely sat behind Eli for a while and I trust Shurmur far more than any coach Darnold had. Got to admit. The fact the Giants didn’t take Darnold was always a red flag to me. Obviously there was something in his tape they didn’t like and they were proven correct.

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