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  1. They aren’t middle of the pack with McDermott and Andrews playing.
  2. I actually don’t think Bill is a terrible HC. Awful GM however.
  3. I think it’s pretty obvious Darnold/and or Gase were the problems with Anderson.
  4. Also Jay Gruden is a guy I would look at.
  5. I’d offer Seattle’s first round pick for Sean Payton. Give Sean the keys to the castle.
  6. Another example of Sam Darnold being bad. The guy is not an NFL starting QB.
  7. Irregardless of your evaluation of Darnold vs Lawrence or a rookie this is a salary cap sport. The Jets are going to restart the clock if they can.
  8. I’m worried about next week if Flacco starts. I think the offense will run a lot smoother.
  9. Giants are playing for first place next week! Has there ever been an 0-4 team that controls their own destiny?
  10. Allen is just better than Darnold. It’s hard to admit but it’s true.
  11. Idk I spent some time listening to Ny sports radio last week (don’t normally do) and was shocked at guys like Boomer talking about how advanced Daniel is and the other guy (Boomers partner) said the ball comes out of his hand better than Sam.
  12. New York Jets Houston Texans NY Giants Giants are playing hard and the NY media will award them with a moral victory and talk about how good Daniel Jones looks.
  13. Lawrence has three full seasons of game action at the highest level. He is a plug and play starter from day 1 who has been groomed all his life for this. Fields would be entering the NFL much like Sanchez and Darnold with limited college starts. He’s got plenty of skills, but can the Jets develop him?
  14. I think Flacco could get the ball out quicker and execute the offense better than Darnold. However the only time this offense has scored this year is through Darnold broken plays. That won’t happen with Flacco.
  15. I feel like Geno and Sanchez both had their Jet careers end on similar hits.
  16. Pretty much. 9 years of the worst QB in the NFL.
  17. You are correct. He was probably the best player on the Jets.
  18. I will start by nominating Don’t Speak by No Doubt. I think it represents the challenges of Jets fans with regards to Sam Darnold. We want it to work out, but we are now coming to realization that it’s not going to happen. “It’s all ending we have to stop pretending who we are”
  19. There is no way he thought this was a 0-2 win team. CJ would not have signed off on that.
  20. Game 1-Drop in the bucket throw to Bell Game 2-Scramble TD throwing left to right Game 3-Ridiculous TD on scramble drill Game 4- 46 yd TD run Some folks on twitter who don’t follow the game closely must think he’s elite. Darnold reminds might be the Jeff Weaver/Jamal Crawford of his sport. Weaver in particular reminds me of Sam. Once or twice a game he would throw a ridiculous filthy pitch and you can see why the Yankees wanted him so badly. That is Darnold in a nutshell. Maybe one day he can get the right coach/right system and figure it out. It’s not happening here with Gase.
  21. Kotite was actually a much better GM than McCagnan.
  22. The fact that Sam couldn’t put his team in position to kick a fg and take a lead is all you need to know about him. He’s a bust.
  23. This to me is a key indicator as to how bad they are. Turnover margin has always been a key predictor of wins/losses in the NFL. The Jets are losing games despite a positive ratio. If I told you the Jets would be +3 yesterday before the game I think most would have expected them to win. The fact that they were +3 and still lost by 9 points to an awful Broncos team demonstrates that their ineptitude is on a different level. The TO margin to me is a product of luck more than anything. Bad teams typically lose the TO battle and when that starts happening expect some really ugly football. 2020 Regular Season Statistics New York Jets OPPONENTS 65 TOTAL 1ST DOWNS 90 21368 1ST DOWNSRushingPassingBy Penalty 215316 20 / 56 3RD DOWN CONVERSIONS 23 / 49 0 / 5 4TH DOWN CONVERSIONS 2 / 2 1112 TOTAL OFFENSIVE YARDS 1475 2494.5 OFFENSEPlaysAverage Yards 2595.7 394 TOTAL RUSHING YARDS 516 97 4.1 RUSHINGPlaysAverage Yards 1244.2 718 TOTAL PASSING YARDS 959 8414045.8 PASSINGCompletionsAttemptsInterceptionsAverage 9312947.7 6 SACKS 12 8 / 8 FIELD GOALS 8 / 11 6 TOUCHDOWNS 15 2301 TOUCHDOWNSRushingPassingReturnsDefensive 6702 26:10 AVG TIME OF POSSESSION 33:49 +1 TURNOVER RATIO
  24. You can tell he was struggling throwing the ball tonight after that injury. Had he not taken that dumb sack I think he would have had a big night.

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