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  1. It’s very possible. The Jets are going to need to bring in a veteran backup with starting experience to push the rookie. Why couldn’t that person be Darnold?
  2. OL, Pass rushers, and CBs only ones getting paid. If I am a DT or a TE in college I’m switching to OL. If I am a WR I’m switching to CB.
  3. Pretty similar free agent Jet acquisitions. I really enjoyed watching Decker play (epitome of a professional receiver). His career fell off a cliff after he got hurt in 2016 but he was money in 2014 and especially 2015 as the Robin to Brandon Marshall.
  4. All deals announced are pending a physical. The WR market just hasn’t materialized and free agents are waiting it out.
  5. I wonder if Lombardi still thinks Bill Belichick is brilliant for drafting two tight ends nobody ever heard of in the 3rd round last year?
  6. 2022 Leonard Williams is going to have $26.5MM cap hit. Imagine they will have to restructure. Giants save $8.3MM in 2020 with the extension.
  7. Hardee reminds me of the Josh Bellamy signing years ago. You don’t pay gunners you draft and develop them
  8. Leonard was a prime trade candidate in 2019 prior to drafting Quinnen. No idea why McCagnan didn’t pull the trigger.
  9. I guess Foles and Minshew can be had. Alex Smith as well.
  10. I think a TC battle between Darnold and a rookie is becoming a very real scenario. Who is left out there? Mariota? Trubisky?
  11. Doesn’t make sense. Draft a new QB and build around him properly.
  12. I am more concerned about who the Jets are getting at QB. Are they comfortable with Morgan backing up Darnold or the rookie? Are they just going to hand the job to Darnold or the rookie?
  13. Id honestly be fine with it. Let them both compete-may the best man win.
  14. He didn’t leave the Giants on good terms from what I remember. They were furious about that Josina Anderson interview.
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