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  1. Look at that list-it tells a story. The Jets draft QBs and then pour their resources into the defense. Good offenses typically invest first round picks into that side of the ball.
  2. Based on the data? He’s started 25 games as a 21-22 year old on an awful team and has held his own. The “data” offers zero context. Let me also be clear football “analytics” is totally worthless, and PFF is total click bait at this point. We are talking about team sport with a ton of variables and a limited sample size.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly. For what the Jets gave up to draft Darnold they are going to give him every possible chance to be successful before pulling the plug.
  4. I actually go the chance to personally meet Sam at an ESPN radio function my company was involved in. He’s a very nice/mature kid that seems to really have his head on straight. There is nothing wrong with his personality that I’m aware of.
  5. Keep in mind that Tannheill used to always be at the bottom of the league in these advanced metrics under gase. Football outsiders had a stat I read somewhere that Gase offenses always lead the league in failed completions.
  6. Didn’t all four teams that drafted a QB in 2018 pass on Mahomes/Watson? Kiem looks like a genius for cutting bait on Rosen.
  7. It’s not really a hit piece, but the headline does suggest it would be (generate those clicks).
  8. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29402013/is-sam-darnold-last-chance-progress-report-jets-qb-expect-2020 I agree with most of the analysis here. I think he does a good job using the analytics while also trying to provide some context. Where I disagree with him is that I don’t see 2020 as a make or break year for Sam. I think the Jets/Douglas realize that this is still a flawed roster and would try to run it back with Darnold in 2021 with a new head coach and a more stable environment on offense. Its true Joe Douglas/Adam Gase didn’t draft Sam Darnold, but ownership hired them to develop his game and build an infrastructure around him. If he fails, they failed IMO.
  9. Im with you to a degree. We have the right to look down upon figures who were on the wrong side of history just as we look up to and praise those who were on the right side. Do I think Thomas Jefferson and George Washington deserve to have all their monuments taken down for owning slaves? Not at all, it was nearly 250 years ago in a totally different world. That said it absolutely should be mentioned as a footnote in their legacy and not be hidden (if that makes sense).
  10. I really don’t see how it’s even a political issue. The term Redskin is essentially a racial slur which has no business being associated with an NFL franchise.
  11. But apparently he made a substantial donation to Native Americans to correct the issue
  12. https://twitter.com/skysportsnfl/status/1278939027501129728?s=21 The name absolutely should be changed since it is a derogatory term. I doubt Snyder will ever listen.
  13. I forgot to add Kyler Murray. The media is ready to put him the hall of fame.
  14. I think Jones, Wentz, and Prescott are very similar. They will put up some pretty stats, but have a tendency to hold the ball too long and take brutal sacks. It’s better than guys like Fitz and Jamieis who throw INTs instead of taking sacks, but you’d rather be like Brady who is a master at throwing the ball away. The sacks help their completion percentage and passer rating compared to throw aways and INTs, but the hits they take are not good long term.
  15. I’d probably go with DeShaun Watson. I think he’s a good QB (top 10-12 for sure), but some folks have him among the games top 3-5 which I don’t see. He takes way too many sacks for my liking. Carson Wentz is another guy I think is overrated. He hasn’t come close to replicating his breakout 2017 season.
  16. The explanation is pretty simple-The league has been trending towards offense and the Jets have been prioritizing defense. Since 1995 here is the list of first round picks Jets have used on offense Kyle Brady Keyshawn Johnson Chad Pennington Anthony Becht Santana Moss DBrickashaw Ferguson Nick Mangold Dustin Keller Mark Sanchez Sam Darnold Mehki Becton
  17. The Jets aren’t kicking him to the curb. It really doesn’t matter if there are fans/media members that don’t believe in him. Sam is going to have the opportunity to prove his critics wrong.
  18. I’m not even sure what that means. He was a consensus top 3-5 pick in the draft and a lot of folks thought he was worth taking #1 overall. He certainly has plenty of tools to work with. I think it’s time to start pointing the finger at the organization and the way they are developing these guys. Darnold is the fifth QB the Jets have invested a first of second round pick in since 2006 and the story had been largely the same with each one (some worse than others). Let’s trade up a ton of assets to take this 20 year old QB and hope he’s good enough day 1 to overcome all the mistakes we’ve made building the offense the last decade. We are going to task Todd Bowles (defensive coach) and Jeremy Bates (currently unemployed) to get him to that point after five weeks of practice. What can go wrong?
  19. Did Jamal receive lessons from Manish Mehta in Twitter trolling this offseason?
  20. Chad, Answer to your question below: 6 wins 1) NY Giants 2) Washington Redskins 3) Oakland Raiders playing 1PM on East Coast 4) Miami Dolphins 5) Duck Hodges Steelers 6) Matt Barkley/Backup Bills You can also throw a kiss to the Cincinnati Bengals in there.
  21. Its one guys opinion. If you want to read about how great Sam Darnold is you can find content all over the internet. The truth is none of it matters. Darnold is going to next year likely another year after that.
  22. I appreciate the fact that we’ve got more ways to evaluate the QB position than standard QB rating (which I think we can all agree is flawed). That said some of this is a little absurd. There are so many of these advanced metrics out there that you can literally pick and choose different ones to fit your narrative. Here is how this article should read in one sentence: Sam Darnold has done OK for a 21-22 year old in a tough situation (Mono, bad roster, gase), but he needs to make significant progress over the next few seasons to justify his draft position. When you tell me that he’s been on par with Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith his first two years based on some metrics that’s when you lose me. As bad as Darnolds ghost game was last year I don’t think it even comes close to Geno’s 3 INT in 1 quarter masterpiece against the Bills.
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